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Pinoy Game Servers

All Pinoy managed game servers, feel free to submit your game servers by contacting us.


Enlist Server
We are currently compiling active filipino game servers managed by Filipino's or catering for them. Our goal is to create a master list of all Filipino game servers not just for csgo.

Server owners can request a subdomain example: Your server IP to servername.pinoygamer.ph (Port will no longer be required) for free we are using SRV dns to forward port.

Ban System
Source Ban is now active https://pinoygamer.ph/bans, other server owners can integrate this with us for a unified banning system.

Report a Player: https://pinoygamer.ph/bans/index.php?p=submit
Protest a Ban: https://pinoygamer.ph/bans/index.php?p=protest

"-" on server player count means server is offline or our we cant scrape the details

Other Links
For thread discussion visit https://pinoygamer.ph/threads/pinoy-csgo-servers.2012/
Join our CSGO FB group https://www.facebook.com/groups/counterstrikegoph/
Join our Offical FB group https://www.facebook.com/groups/pinoygamer/