1 Hit Anolians using Lord of Vermillion (LOV)

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Dec 25, 2018
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SANA MAKATULONG SA MGA F2P HW NA TULAD KO, 1hit Anolians using Lord of Vermillion(LOV) w/out foods & buffs from acolyte class

For starter yung stats and equipment's shown here are my own preferred choice, and this guide does not restrict nor limit other options on how to 1hit anolian using LOV. take note ung mga equipment'sko sa guide, hindi ko sya macacategorize as BUDGET pero BASIC sya para ma one hit ang anolian, OKAY

1. At my current level 85, anolians are one of the best options for leveling and grinding (sawa na kasi ako kay eggyra)
2. Lord of vermillion is the only AOE skill that I have with low casting time and high AOE damage
3. Meteor Storm Runes is way too expensive for me as a F2P, but I'm on my way ;)
4. Killing anolians will give you Creste's Royal Medal and a CHANCE to loot Royal Jelly (chance ang sabi ko :D)

Anolian (Monster Attributes)
HP: 81000
Level: 89
Race: Fish
Element: Water
NOTE: for mage class whom utilize magic, size of monster is not a big deal

Lord of Vermillion (Breakdown)
currently I have level 10 Lord of Vermillion (LOV)
Type: Wind Magic Damage (Area of effect), best to use against water element monster
@ level 10 one cast of LOV can strike four(4) times at the target area, example 1strike of LOV is 1K M.Damage x 4 = 4K overall damage

HP: 81000 / 4 = 20,250 (meaning dapat every strike ng lvl10 LOV magcre2ate ng 20,250 M.damage)
sa post kong picture sa taas, ang overall damage ko sa anolian ay 20759 (with combination of Energy Coat & Amplefide Magic Power)
paano ko sya na achieve: Basic stats Int 99 and all the rest DEX. on equiptment focus kayo sa mga nag dadagdag ng M.atk percentage at nag ignore ng M.def, dont forget din ung racial type card kasi malaki ang effect nito sa total damage
1. Wizarddry Staff ko refine +4 x 2% = 8% ignore m.def (every refine +1 will give +2%ignore m.def)
2. Wizardry Staff + Eye of Dullahan = M.atk +25% agad
3. Orleans Gloves = M.atk +10%
4. Robe of Cast = M.atk +5%
5. equiptment enhancement specially accessories & weapons is a MUST = + Refine M.atk
6. flora card = damage to fish type monster +15%

Note: Hindi kona sinama ung cast time reduction, since hindi naman ito ang main point ng guide :)

dun sa stats ko sa picture and total M.atk 1852, pero around 1845 kaya nang ma one hit ang anolian,
ways kung paano mapataas ang M.atk create lang kau ng headgears na nagbibigay ng +M.atk sa stats pag na create or na deposit. bili din ng cards na nagbibigay ng additional INT and M.atk pag nadeposit. sa runes piliin nyo lang ung path na magbibigay ng +% WIND damage

For now yan muna ung kaya kong ma ishare, kung may additional kayo comment nyo nalang para malaman din ng iba