10 Beginner Friendly Weapons for Mobile Legends


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May 27, 2020
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Mobile Legends has a plethora of items or weapons to choose from, and most of the time beginners do not usually check each item because the game recommends the items that need to be bought already.

However, knowing the items will help you immensely as you can take advantage of their stats and effects more often. Additionally, it does not hurt to know the game more as you become a better player.

In this list, we will focus on 10 items that you need to know as they can help you dominate your games better. We will cover defensive and attack weapons as they are both important in the game.

1. Athena’s Shield​

Athena’s Shield is a defence item that works well against mages. Anyone who has this will gain +900 HP, +2 HP regen, and +62 magic defence. It has the highest magic defence, which means it is essential if you are up against mages.

It has a unique passive skill where it reduces the magic damage by 25% for 5 seconds, and that is huge. It will most likely save you from dying because of a burst attack from the mage, or at least it can help you react and win some fights if you have Athena’s Shield.

Buy this item when your team is up against a mage, especially if you are on the same lane. It is mainly used by Fighter or Tank who is up against mage.

2. Immortality​

Immortality is another defence item, which is most helpful in late-game situations. Players who use this will gain +800 HP and +30 Physical Defence.

Its unique passive is true to its name as it will resurrect the hero who has this item after death and gets 16% of max HP with a shield that lasts for a few seconds. This can help your team greatly if you want to stall for time and wait for them to recover.

Any hero can use this item, but it is primarily used by tank heroes or someone who can escape without dying again.

3. Brute Force Breastplate​

Brute Force Breastplate is another defense item, but it mostly helps fighter and assassin heroes. It gives +770 HP and +45 Physical Defense.

Its best feature is its unique passive, which increases the movement speed by 2%, and the physical and magic defence also increases by 4, and that is up to 5 stacks, which is very helpful when you are chasing opponents or kiting enemies.

A tank hero may also use this, but it should be used by fighters like Freya or Chou.

4. Holy Crystal​

Holy Crystal is usually a must-have for magic heroes. It increases magic power by +100.

What makes it a great weapon to have is that its unique passive increases your magic hero’s attack by 21% to 35%. It is a huge power-up, especially since mages are known for bursting high damage output that can kill enemies in one quick combo.

Add this to your must-buy if you are playing Eudora or Guinevere.

5. Glowing Wand​

Glowing Wand is a great item that buffs your magic power by +75, and gives your hero +400 HP, and +5% movement speed.

Mostly used by Mages, it can be annoying to enemies considering it has a burning unique passive named Scorch. It deals damage for 3 seconds, which is perfect for players who want to kite more often and targeting the same enemy will increase the damage from 1% to 2%.

It is an annoying item to be up against, and it can help you kill enemies with extremely low health who are trying to run away from you.

6. Concentrated Energy​

Concentrated Energy is a great item for a mage as it adds 700 HP and 70 for magic power.

It has two unique passive skills. One of those is that it adds 25% magic lifesteal, and another is that if you kill an enemy hero, you can restore 10% of your MAX HP. It is suitable if you have other items that can boost your HP regen as it will greatly compound the effects of the latter unique passive.

Be careful though, its effect will be weaker on users with Sea Halberd, Dominance Ice, and other regen reduction items from your enemy.

7. Demon Hunter Sword​

Fighting tanks is probably the hardest to deal with in Mobile Legends, especially if they are already beefy and have high HP. However, having a Demon Hunter Sword in your arsenal if you are a marksman like Claude will be very deadly.

It increases your Physical ATK by 35, and your attack speed by 25%.

This one has two unique passive skills. One of them makes your basic attacks deal additional 9% damage of the target’s current HP, and if your opponent has a high HP, it can really hurt him. The other unique passive is the same basic attack will grant your hero 3% lifesteal for 3 seconds, and it stacks up to five, which means you can recover some of your HP just fighting a tank if you have a particularly good defence.

8. Corrosion Scythe​

Corrosion Scythe is one of the great items to have if you are starting to get annoyed with enemies that keep running away and you cannot seem to chase them faster.

It has the same stat increase as Demon Hunter Sword with the additional 5% movement speed.

Corrosion Scythe also has two passive skills. One of them slows down your opponent by 8% as you deal basic attack damage to him. It is lower if you have a ranged basic attack. Nevertheless, it stacks up to 5 times as well and lasts for 1.5s, which gives you plenty of time to kill your enemy when they finally try to escape from you.

Another one of its unique passives is that it increases your attack speed by 8% every time you do a basic attack that deals damage to enemies. It lasts for 3 seconds.

This is a great weapon for assassins or marksman heroes.

9. Blade of Despair​

Blade of Despair is a late-game weapon and something that is useful for getting kills as it has some crazy unique skills.

First of all, it increases your physical attack by 160, and this is the highest physical attack increase among the attack weapons. It also has a 5% increase in movement speed, which is helpful considering its unique passive is dependent on your enemies’ HP.

The unique passive will increase your physical attack by 25% as long as you are attacking an enemy with HP below 50%. It also lasts 2 seconds, so it is immensely helpful in clashes especially if you are powerful enough to take a chunk of your opponent’s health down to below 50% in 2-3 hits, then it is mostly a sure-fire that you can kill him with another combo with the increased 25% physical attack damage.

10. Endless Battle​

Endless Battle is a weapon that is a must-use whether you are a beginner or not in Mobile Legends, and you are using a hero that deals physical damage.

It has many stats increase for your hero such as an additional 250 HP, +65 physical attack, +10% physical lifesteal, +5 mana regen, +10% cooldown reduction, and +5% movement speed. It is the greatest weapon to have for harassing a lane because you can get your health back to full by dealing damage to enemies.

Now, it has good unique passives as well. One is that every time you use a skill, your next basic attack will deal True Damage to enemies, and that is up to 60%, which is quite high. It also has a short cooldown of 1.5% so you can easily spam it.

Another unique passive for Endless Battle is that once the first passive is activated, your hero will also get a movement speed buff of 10%.

Freya benefits from this item greatly, as her skills are great for crowd control while dealing heavy physical damage to your enemies.


These are the beginner-friendly weapons or items that you can buy during matches to help you dominate or survive during clashes. Some items complement each other as their unique passives can increase each effect exponentially.

Again, there are other items in Mobile Legends, but these are the preferred items used by beginners and even veterans of the game. If you need more of a boost, get some Mobile Legend top up with OffGamers here today.

If you have any other suggestions, we will be happy to read them, so do not hesitate to post them below.

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