10 Games Like Axie Infinity or alternative NFT Games

Missed the opportunity to become the pioneers of Axie Infinity? Well here are 10 more games like Axie Infinity where you can earn crypto.


Etheremon, a blockchain game based on the Ethereum network, ushers in a new era of Game 3.0 in which players have complete control over their game assets. It mixes blockchain and virtual reality technologies to provide gamers with an amazing gaming experience. Join Etheremon to capture, train, evolve, and combat other players in epic battles.


Ethermon is one of the first Ethereum-based blockchain games to provide interactive non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which allow players to own, improve, utilize, and profit from virtual assets in the game. Originally released in 2017 as Etheremon, the new improved version was relaunched in 2019 by the game's most committed players and a larger crew.


CryptoKitties is a game about CryptoKitties, which are breedable, collectable, and oh-so-adorable creatures. Each cat is unique and belongs to you entirely; it cannot be duplicated, taken away, or destroyed.

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CryptoKitties allows users to gather and breed beautiful animals known as CryptoKitties. Each cat has its own DNA, which determines its look and personality. Breeding cats allows players to make new furry companions and get access to uncommon cattributes.


CryptoFighters is a game centered around cryptographically unique collectible fighters on the Ethereum blockchain. Collect, battle and level up your fighters to win new fighters.


Unique Fighters: Each fighter is unique, some are more rare then others. Weapons, skin color, clothes & stats - everything will be specific to your fighter. Find the rarest and collect them.

Arena: Compose your team of different fighters and prepare for the arena! Optimize them, fight other players, win rewards and level up your fighters every day.

Buying & Selling: Buy and sell your fighters on the marketplace. Place your bids to acquire the rarest fighters in the game and collect them all.


The Hedgie Game is a blockchain game that is available for free. Use the treasure and Curio coins found on your Hedgie's adventures across the four Curiopia Kingdoms to help it rebuild its civilisation! Spend your Curio on armor, equipment, and other treasure to improve your Hedgie's skills, or spend it at Hedgie-Approved companies in the real world.

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Fishbank is a blockchain-based crypto-collectible game that allows users to breed various varieties of fish, much to how Cryptokitties does with cats.

A peer-to-peer (P2P) player-versus-player (PvP) game with a community-driven economy and irreversible gameplay assets based on smart contracts running on the Ethereum blockchain for growing, battling, and trading unique digital fish.

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The player owns the entire digital asset. It can be handled just like any other cryptocurrency, with the ability to be transferred or sold to anybody. It can't be taken away, replaced, or destroyed.


EtherTulips takes Tulip Mania into the twenty-first century with virtual Tulips that can be purchased, sold, and battled on the Ethereum Blockchain. Special tulips may be delivered on Valentine's Day, with 25% of the revenues going to the Red Cross. Tulips come in a variety of colors and looks, and their costs are growing by the day.

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A single tulip bulb could be traded for a home, and many of the early investors became quite rich. Tulips were prized for their distinct qualities, which included colors, patterns, stem length, and leaves. These elements, in addition to the strength of a tulip in war, play a comparable function in valuing tulips in our world.


Pandarium is the pandorable location on the Blockchain.


Users may breed and confront one-of-a-kind pandas. Each panda has a distinct genotype that determines how it looks, behaves, and performs. Users may breed their pandas to produce superior progeny in order to compete in The Bamboo Valley Tournament and win.


Ethmoji are ethereum-based emoji baked into the blockchain, ensuring that yours is mathematically unique.


Ethmoji are provably unique, digital collectibles that live on the Ethereum blockchain. Each one is "composed" from Ethmoji bodies, eyes, ears, mouths, and accessories. When you compose a new Ethmoji, all the owners of the Ethmoji used in the composition earn royalties.


Land ownership is tracked as an ethereum token in this web-based multiplayer environment, and parcel owners may construct using basic in-world minecraft-style editing blocks.


The Ethereum network powers Cryptovoxels, a virtual universe. Land may be purchased, and businesses and art galleries can be built. Avatars, editing tools, and text chat are all included.

Panda Earth

Panda Earth is a game centered around breedable, collectible, and adorable creatures where digital pandas live in the blockchain! Each panda comes from descendants of 50 giant pandas that have been officially licensed by China Panda Conservation and Research Center to breed on the blockchain.


Its image, purity and personality is one-of-a-kind and 100% owned by you; it cannot be replicated, taken away, or destroyed.

Know any more Axie Infinity alternatives where you can play and earn? Let us know in the comments below!

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