10 Mobile Games for Die Hard Anime Lovers

Anime never fails to fascinate all of us. Whether you are a certified Otaku or someone who just fancy a good story of cute and colorful characters, Anime is always been the number one go-to. Of course, its an open secret that all of us wanted to shout those super moves (Rasengan!) and strike a victory pose after a battle.

But that fantasy, though far from reality, can now be satisfied by these anime-inspired mobile games that will make you feel as if you are an MC in an action-packed shounen manga!


It's time to shout (louder!) that power moves and become the strongest fighter in the whole universe with Son Goku and the rest of Z warriors with this stunning 3D action game that lets you go one on one with villains (or even another Saiyan wannabe!) from DBZ like Cell, Majin Buu and Frieza! Go and make you Saiyan stronger with card-based attack gameplay and classic over the top animation that made Dragon Ball Z one the hit anime for the manly otakus (Kamehameha!).


Relive the feel of summoning badass monsters to fight your foes with Yugioh Duel Links! Collect over thousand of cards from the original anime down to 5DS series and beat other iconic duelists from Seto Kaiba to the King of Game himself, Yugi Mutou! The duels here in this game has a slight different mechanics compare to the original TCG but expect the same nail-biting actions and dizzying card combos until you call on powerhouse cards such as the dreaded Ultimate Blue Eyes White Dragon!


Wanna be the Pokemon Master? Here is your chance to catch the cutest and the most fearsome Pokemon while taking a good walk! Pokemon Go continues to fuel our love for pocket monsters since the 90s with brand new feels but the same excitement brought by throwing that Pokeball and battling gym leaders. What's good is that this game keeps on giving new content that allows you to catch legendary and shiny pokemon by locating them in specific areas far from your home or even in the nearest hood!


Become the next Hokage and pull off that crazy Jutsu with this exclusive 3D RPG straight from the village of Konoha. This game features 3 classes of shinobi from Earth-Type to Wind-Type experts and explore the world of ninjas while tagging along with popular characters from the hit anime like Naruto, Kakashi, Gaara, and even the Toad Sage Jiraiya. Fight the dangerous group Akatsuki or go for an all-out PVP action with other shinobi around the world. Just make sure to upgrade your ninja and teach him powerful Jutsu to become the ultimate shinobi!


Embark on a mission that only a Grim Reaper can do in Bleach: Soul Bankai! Unlock all the shinigami from the masterpiece of Tite Kubo and hunt those hollow while leveling up until you can enter your Bankai mode! Enjoy slashing mobs of enemies as Ichigo, Rukia, Renji, and the rest of Soul Society (and even the arrow-shooting Quincy Uryu) and experience once more the adventure across the world of the dead.


Assemble the best pirate crew and make your way towards the Grand Line and beyond in this 2D turn-based action game starring the soon to be King of Pirate Monkey D. Luffy! Strategize and battle against Marines and other Pirates from the Seven Warlords of the Sea to the Admirals and team up with notorious pirates that made One Piece a one of a kind anime such as Zoro, Sanji, Law, and Nami. Set sail and conquer regions from East to West Blue as you start your journey in making your name all over the seas.


"Link start!" Get your swords and hack your way into a digital world in this game inspired by the anime that brought isekai genre to popularity. Integral Factor is a 3D MMORPG that throws you in the race towards the 100th floor of Aincard. Use your swords, attack combinations and trust your partner as you slay monsters, fight other players and mow down big bosses of each floor (and maybe finding your own Asuna along the way).


It's obvious that with its growing popularity, Black Clover finally has its own mobile game featuring the determined Asta and his dream of becoming the Wizard King. Recruit other Magic Knights and defend Clover kingdom in team battles; casting powerful spells and Arcane Arts to decimate your foe. Use your team wisely with endless possible combinations and meet new characters such as Jien with all-new stories to uncover in the world of Black Clover.


The world needs saving and as a Master, it is your time to rally your heroic spirit servants for a time-travel adventure where humankind is at stake. Fate/Grand Order is a card-based RPG that will test your tactical mind as you command powerful spirits from the widely acclaimed anime from the sword-wielding Saber to unstoppable Berserker. Enjoy the complex story filled with intrigue and thrill that will keep you on your toes until the end. Carve your epic tales and become the greatest master of all!


Our last entry is base on one of the first sports anime from the 80s that serves as the foundation why we are getting crazy on Football: Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team! Kick the grass with all the memorable characters from the anime and learn their powerful skills ( Tiger Shot, Ozora's Drive Shot) while organizing the best team of kickers for a non-stop 3D football action. Relive the original story of the anime via Story Mode and follow Tsubasa's quest in becoming the #1 football player. You can even customize each of your characters as you create your dream team that will bag the world football championship. Take the shot and let's play football on your phones right now!