11 Ragnarok M Eternal Love Advance Tips and Tricks


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Jul 24, 2018
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Since we had more time playing Ragnarok M Eternal Love here are 11 advanced tips and tricks so you can maximize your play time in the game

Advanced Tips and Tricks

Beginner Tips and Trikcs

Monster Resistant Quest
  • From time to time, you will receive Monster Resistance Quest
  • You will notice to complete this quest it needs to alot of MOB experience points to complete
  • Notice it in quest bar it will provide you extra information for the suggested location
  • Here is our tip don't do this quest immediately
  • Instead do it when you run out of other quests because other monsters killed will also attribute to the exp
  • So do this when you absolutely have nothing else to kill
  • However, if you want to do this quest don't follow the suggested monster to kills
  • Instead, find a monster that is 5~level higher than you
  • Another to thing to use when doing this quest is use the lightning chain item
  • This will give you extra EXP and Loot for 60 minutes

Pets and Adventure

  • In Ragnarok M you will unlock your pet at first you might have no idea what to do with your pet and it will get annoying with random messages
  • Fortunately, there is pet adventure
  • Basically, you can send your pet on Adventures that can reward you with experience points, items, equipment and if you are lucky cards
  • If you choose your adventure wisely notice that some adventures have colorful shells for rewards
  • Colorful shells can be used to purchase taming items in which you can use to get more pets
  • Do note that Pet Adventure will be unlocked at a certain pet intimacy so keep petting your pet
  • Also, adventures cost stamina so best manage them wisely

Adventure Handbook

  • The Adventure Handbook is not just a logbook
  • It can also provide experience points and extra attributes
  • So make sure you unlock key point of interests
  • In Ragnarok M you will also earn Adventure Skills
  • You can buy this skills on top of prontera and will give you extra skills and abilities that are very useful in the game


  • In Ragnarok M you have a personal NPC called an Assistant
  • You will be able to select which gender you prefer when you unlock it
  • The assistant keeps track of tasks and quest for your daily routine
  • Unlocking them will provide you extra rewards
  • The assisting will also provide information regarding the current economy of items
  • So if you are into this the assistant is a good way to gather information to maximize market buy and sell

Food and Cooking

  • The game has food and cooking mechanics with this we suggest to always eat your food at least 2 different dishes of them everytime
  • Do note that consume foods that benefits your character
  • For example if you are agi based consume food that provides additional agi stats to maximize the full potential
  • Another thing to note is consume foods that provide you SP regen so you don't run out of SP when using your skills
  • To unlock more foods you will need to level up your cooking skill
  • If you don't have time to cook you can always buy on the food vendor

World Map Navigation

  • If you don't want to use the Kafra transportation service you or continuously click the desired location
  • You can use the World Map to go to the desired area
  • To do this simple click the Map then select Map on the bottom
  • Then select the desired area or location you want to go
  • Your character will then automatically walk on the select place

Camera and Taking Pictures
  • This might sound repetitive but always use the camera to take random pictures even on battle
  • This will unlock monsters on the adventure handbook that you might have accidentally missed
  • As the unlocked photos will give you extra experience points so not a bad trade

No More Stamina

  • This will eventually happen to you in a day you will run out of stamina while playing so what now?
  • Well you don't need to stop playing as you can still farm zeny and even experience points
  • However the experience and loot will be dropped so it will be very low
  • So our suggestion is just auto play your character until the stamina reset to fully maximize the farming and grinding

Wasted Gacha Item

  • So you tried your luck with the gacha system and you got items not applicable for your class so what will you do?
  • Well you can create another character on the same account that can use this item in the future
  • But before that you will need to save this item on Kafra’s shared stash
  • This will then be accessible with your other character when you reach level 40 or if you really can't wait use the premium service

Extra Character
  • To fully maximize playing Ragnarok M Eternal Love we suggest creating another character
  • As there are alot of benefits one is that some gacha items will not go to waist
  • Another thing is the adventure handbook will be shared with the characters in the account
  • So unlocked npc, recipe, photo and more will be shared
  • This will give extra boost to the other character which is vice versa

Quest and Grinding
  • Since the game has a stamina system in place it is not recommended to grind on mobs to level up
  • As this will be waist of your time and effort
  • So we suggest is instead do Quests as they will give more experience points rather than grinding
  • Also Ragnarok M Eternal Love has a lot of quests like the bard and board quest
  • This gives lots of experience points so don't missed out on them

More Ragnarok M Builds, Tips and Tricks

So those are our 11 advance tips and tricks for Ragnarok M Eternal Love, If you have extra tips to suggest share them in the comments


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Dec 25, 2018
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ET FULL guide for this week 1-90floor

channel and Floors
PH45 until 60F
ID46 70F - 80F
TH50 90th moonlight - orc lord last boss

Take note hnd nyo makikita yang th50 sa site. Kaya wag nyo na icheck pinaghirapan namin hanapin ang magandang floor para matapos lng ang 90fr. Enjoy guys


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Dec 25, 2018
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Hello Ragna adiks. Share ko lang itong guide on cooking, cookbook/taste levels and recipe mastery from Ragna Mobile Guide. Here’s a quick summary:

Eating cooked foods gives you additional stats and HP/SP discharge for a very cheap price.
Effects of eating multiple foods will stack
Cooking increases your character’s Cooking/Cookbook Level
Higher Cook Level = better Cooking success rates
Eating increases your character’s Taste Level
Higher Taste Level = higher food stack limit (e.g. can stack 6 foods at a time)
Reaching Cook & Taste Mastery Lv. 10 for a certain dish gives permanent bonus stats
Cooking a recipe increases that recipe’s Cook Mastery
Eating a recipe increases that recipe’s Taste Mastery

Check out the guide below for more details! Hope this helps


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Nov 13, 2018
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Sharing a nice tip. Skel bones, for upgrading,worth 1,600 zenny, are not easy to obtain because its probability to loot is 3% according to some guides and the higher HP of those monsters is also a factor. What I did is if I accumulate 5 immortal hearts from magnolias with, 38% probability to loot, I get 1 skel bone in the exchange. If I grind 6 hours for IH, I can get 500 IH, selling it all will get you 80 skel bones at exchange plus from all the zennys and other sellable items you can get from magnolia. 38% loots and 12k hp beat, beats 3% loots and 29k hp.


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May 8, 2019
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Since the 4.0 is coming in couple month, as a experienced player from KR down some tips.
**due to many comment asking other jobs, if i didn mention it there is not much changes in their settings, equipment so continue what u r doing**

a.for LK users there will be a new skill called hundred spear which will be able to hit small medium large monsters all equally with just a spear without swapping to bash in ymir. good bye to nagans. Weapon needed :Bilguisame

b. for mages, You will get a new last hit skill call Tetra which will be Asura version for mages no more meteor and pray.
items needed: 12wizardly staff, above +10 dullahan eyes, +12glass pumps. the new meta will be making mdef penetration to 100%. good bye element staff & orleans

c. for sinx, good news is that you will get Asura as well. call reaper, after stacking rolling cutter you can hit strong last hit using this skill seen ppl reach 20m even.
new items needed : 10above loki 10above windrunner cape. byebye all daggers and agent katar bullshits.

d. for WS users you will be riding robot, using boost knuckle as constant dmg dealer or mammo for last hitting as ur main deal. needed items are dog tooth gauntlets, doom axes, 10 above bloody axes

e. you can see that in exchange andre cards are on bid right now, its because there will be new star cards coming out.
andre star card is for head slot and is the best card for physical dmg dealers. 10andre cards are needed.
familiar star cards unlocks 12 atk deposit and also is best mage boots card 10 familliar cards are needed to create this.

Im sick of people from diff server exploiting and making alot of zeny by using this advantages (knowledge) to exploit exchange market price and when you try to buy em its all gone. so this is basically the meta that changes in the future. get em while its fckin dirt cheap. so when 4.0 comes out ya all ready and don need to cry. share this and let all be ready

Credits to SangHyeon Jeon


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Sep 2, 2016
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This is a great tips, I also want to share my short video for my daily to do things in RO mobile. If there's something I miss please let me know. I'm too busy with a lot of things so here's what I am really doing lately.