141 PUBG Hackers Arrested, LoL PH Garena Hijacked, Fortnite Android Release Date and more

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Mar 4, 2015
Weekly Gaming Update by Pinoy Gamer! 141 PUBG Hackers arrested, Legends Philippines Garena client hijacked, Fortnite Season 5 breakdown, PUBG Mobile Beta server, Override: Mech City Brawl and Fortnite Android release date

LoL PH hijacked

  • Did you CPU usage increased when playing League of Legends?
  • well
  • The League of Legends Philippines client by Garena may have been hijacked
  • According to the sources the client was exploited by a crypto mining program
  • Garena responded by saying that the “unauthorized” program has now been removed
  • The hijack occurs when the certain javascript codes were inserted to the client
  • This will then performs a blockchain mining meaning this will consume CPU resource from the affected computers
  • According to Garena the exploit stayed in the client for 38 hours which was eventually removed by the team
  • But many players actually commented out that this exploit was actually running for months before it was discovered
  • Which garena responded that the threats only started days ago
  • Additionally, League of Legends Philippines says no personal information was accessed
  • So far there are no exploits or hijacking reported so LoL should be safe to play in Philippines Garena client

Fortnite Season 5
  • Fortnite Season 5 is out but do you know what's new on the update?
  • Well lets breakdown the major updates for Fortnite Season 5
    • A massive desert area called Paradise Palms is now available
    • it can be located on the south east corner of the map
    • then Due west of the map is the Viking Village
    • this is a huge longship on a highground
    • next is the Lazy link and all terrain karts
    • where you can attain an off road vehicle
    • then finally the Rifts, this are like jump pads marked by glowing cracks floating above the ground
    • where you can walk through and get teleported into the sky
  • This are just some of the updates for Season 5 what do you think?

PUBG Mobile
  • If you can't wait for PUBG Mobile updates, well you can now test beta updates for the game
  • Tencent has released a beta version for PUBG mobile that will allow users to test upcoming features
  • You can download this version on google play store which is named “BETA PUBG Mobile (unreleased)
  • Currently, the Arcade Mod - War is available
  • You can also test a new SLR Sniper Rifle weapons and a portable closer where in you can instantly change clothes during combat

Override: Mech City Brawl
  • If you like Pacific Rim or Darling in the Franks, Override: Mech City Brawl is the game for you
  • as this game is about mech vs mech with buildings getting trashed in the process
  • The game have single player, online and local play and a 4 player co op
  • You can also customize mechs in the garage section of the game wherein you can change accessories, skins of your choice
  • Override will be out on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on December 4

Fortnite Android

  • Tencent released a teaser image on Twitter for the Android version of Fortnite
  • The caption reads “Wow, its coming”
  • People are now speculating the game will come out for Android on July 24
  • There is also no mention if this is a global release of for China only since it will be published by Tencent
  • But regardless if its released on China well, we can always grab the apk - haha

PUBG Cheaters
  • 141 PUBG Hackers have been arrested in China this year
  • If you remember we reported previously that 15 hackers were arrested last time for hacking on PUBG in China
  • So this time it increased to 141
  • The people arrested are reportedly creating cheating software which also contained a harmful trojan virus
  • this virus can get your personal information like credit cards and more
  • According to the report, 200 pieces of hardware that includes computers and mobile phones have been seized
  • in which they believe are associated with the hacking
  • This arrest is a a joint effort from the Chinese local police and Tencent the publisher of PUBG in china