1st Teaser for 3DS Kuroko’s Basketball game

Discussion in 'Nintendo 3DS' started by xero, Jan 3, 2015.

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    New Kuroko no Basuke game announced today in Japan by Bandai Namco. The new title the Kuroko no Basuke: Mirai e no Kizuna going to release again on Nintendo 3DS. Bandai Namco announced the next Kuroko no Basuke TV Anime game in Japan the Kuroko no Basuke: Mirai e no Kizuna. The new title comes with new map feature and new event games and of course new story chapters. The exactly release date or the price at the moment unknown but the first two pictures and the main visual image published. More information coming soon.

    Additional Images, they look chibi dont you think?

    Additional Gameplay Photos


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