2019 SEA Games, RoSanta, Kill la Kill the Game: IF, Planetside Arena and more

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Mar 4, 2015
Weekly Gaming Update by Pinoy Gamer! Lets talk about 2019 SEA Games esports titles, RoSanta Christmas Event, Jump Force Roster update, Planetside Arena a 1000 player battle royale, Kill la Kill the Game: IF, Fortnite 7.10 update breakdown and Islands of Nyne Battle Royale now free to play.

POC Confirms Esports Titles for 2019 SEA Games
  • POC chairman Rep. Abraham Tolentino has confirmed the final list of sports and events for the Southeast Asian (SEA) Games that will be held at the New Clark City, Subic, Manila and Tagaytay on Nov. 30-Dec. 10 next year
  • and good news because there are esports titles confirmed
  • Valve’s Dota 2, Blizzard’s Starcraft 2, Moonton’s Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Tencent’s Arena of Valor, Bandai Namco’s Tekken 7 at isang unannounced na game title para sa console.
  • Ramon Suzura an Executive Director of PHISGOC said
  • “We are working with all involved publishers and partners to lock down the titles within the next few weeks, and look forward to watching the region’s best esports athletes face off in the arena next year”
  • Abraham Tolentino of Director for sports of Philippine SEA Games Organizing Committee added
  • “The Sports Department of PHISGOC has long been keen on including sports that will appeal to the young, tech-savvy spectators, including esports”

RoSanta Christmas Event

  • Rules of Survival will have a christmas event called RoSanta
  • This a lottery event where players receive free lucky tickets where the winner can spend up to 100,000 on selected online stores
  • So how to participate?
  • So starting Dec 19 until Dec 26 players can start collecting tickets
  • You can do this by
    • tapping decorations that are randomly shown in the login lobby
    • Completing missions on the Christmas carnival
    • Hitting Christmas Chickens in the game, because during the event there is a chance for players to encounter Christmas Chickens.
    • You can keep hitting them to make them drop plenty of prizes, including a chance of lucky tickets
    • and finally you can participate in web browser minigame and accumulate a certain number of points to receive lucky tickets
  • Also note that there is no limit to receive lucky tickets and the lottery tickets ownership cannot be transferred
  • So what are the prizes?
  • Well Rules of Survival will pay for everything on the shopping card on Amazon, Lazada or Taobao of the winner also as its not more than 100,000 php
  • Parang kabuhayan showcase lang haha

Jump Force Roster

  • For anime fans
  • Jump Force unveiled they are are adding My Hero Academia’s Deku
  • Bandai Namco also shared the first look for its story mode as well as a character creation system
  • The story trailer shows an explanation on why the characters are being thrown together
  • where it shows a sudden merger between the Real World and the Jump World
  • So far Jump Force showed characters spanning from titles like: One Piece, Naruto, Yu Yu Hakushu, Hunter x Hunter, Bleach, Saint Seiya, Dragon Ball and many more
  • Currently the games 33 heroes and 13 villains
  • If you are interested Jump Force has a release date of February 15th 2019
  • Jump Force will include a season pass which promises to add nine more characters to the roster

Planetside Arena

  • After weeks of speculation, the publisher Daybreak games officially announced a battle royale mode for their game Planetside called Planetside Arena
  • This a new massive-scale multiplayer sci-fi shooter
  • Planetside Arena will feature a robust system, combined arms gameplay, and dynamic in-match with seasonal progression
  • and according to the devs the new massive arena game modes is capable of supporting up to 1,000 players per match
  • OMG 1k player battle royale ang lag nun!
  • In the initial release, Planetside Arena will launch major game modes like Massive Clash, a 500 player group vs group along with Solo and Team battle royale modes
  • then at the end of the seasons there will add Capture the flag, team deathmatch, search and destroy, and global conquest
  • Planetside Arena will also have 3 classes Assault, Engineer, and Medic
  • So if you are interested the game is set to release on Steam for Windows PC to be released on January 29 2019

Kill la Kill the Game: IF

  • New gameplay footage have been revealed for the upcoming anime fighting title Kill la Kill The Game: IF
  • Arc System Works showcased gameplay matches with characters like Ryuko, Satsuki, Jakuzure, Sanageyama, and Inumuta
  • To those who don't know
  • Kill la Kill the Game: IF is a 3D battle action game where players can run around the field, dash and step, and fight against their opponent using various movements and attacks
  • which utilize a mix of long ranged and short ranged attacks
  • the Kil la kill game won't have complicated commands as there is only one button assigned for attacks which can be combined with directional input
  • According to the developers, they will bring the spirit of the animated series on the game so expect over the top scenes
  • So if you are interested the game is set for release in 2019 both in Japan and in the west
  • It’ll come for PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

Fortnite 7.10
  • Fortnite released its 7.10 update, So what's new?
  • Here is our breakdown highlights
  • First is the 14 Days of Fornite event, where the map and items will receive a small makeover
  • During this time fortnite will rotate old limited time modes like the 50v50 and Team rumble
  • The update also introduced weapon changes where the heavy assault rifle was made weaker while shooting without aiming down the sights
  • while the X-4 Stormwing planes explosion damage was increased from 25 to 50 the planes now takes more damage from flying through structures
  • The update also made improvements to balloons as well as several gameplay adjustment and bug fixes

Islands of Nyne Battle Royale

  • According the developer Define Human, their game Islands of Nyne will no longer receive new updates however the game will now be free to play
  • According to the developers this is because they can no longer financially support its development costs and that the free to play is basically a maintenance mode
  • To those who don't know Islands of Nyne is a Fast-paced 50-player battle royale shooter
  • the games visuals are very futuristic with a sci fi inspired universe
  • And like other battle royale games you are dropped in the map to find weapons and must remain the last survivor
  • So what will happen to those who purchased the game?
  • according to the devs they have notified steam to approve all refunds requests and the servers will be up until further notice

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