2020 LoL Pacific Championship Series Summer Split Week 2 Results

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Jul 25, 2018
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Match of the Week - Hong Kong Attitude (HKA) vs PSG Talon (PSG)

To call this an upset is an understatement but HKA managed to stop PSG from meme-ing them in a sensational victory. Their first 15 minutes were as good as they come, as far as playing against the champions went. Catching out last week’s player of the week, PSG River face-checked the dragon pixel brush that started a chain reaction of PSG players falling, one after another. This skirmish became the catalyst for HKA’s win as they attempted the same teamfights repeatedly, to which PSG had no defense.

Player of the Week - JT Rest

Win or lose, JT Rest is a player whom you’d hate to play against. His constant taunting of his opponent, regardless of how well they’re playing, has earmarked him as the ‘bad boy’ of JT. His performances in Week 2 were not only consistent but seemingly have returned him to his peak form last seen in 2019. His total KDA of 10.4 this week is comparable to that of his high flying teammates Nestea and Lilv. However, it was JT Rest’s contribution in teamfights and ability to minimize the opposing top laners’ effect on the game that made him the PCS 2020 Summer Split Week 2’s Player of the Week.

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