2020 LoL Pacific Championship Series Summer Split Week 8 Results

The first week of the PCS 2020 Summer Split Playoffs saw four days of action, including two rounds of the Upper Bracket and one round of the Lower Bracket matches being played. The schedule has been condensed from four to three weeks, to ensure that the teams and players representing the PCS at Worlds 2020 will have sufficient time to prepare ahead of their journey to Shanghai. The Finals of PCS 2020 Summer Playoffs will be played on August 30th, 2020 after these schedule changes.

On Day 1, the first match of the Playoffs was played between Machi Esports (MCX) and Alpha Esports (ALF). MCX was the heavy favourite to beat the inconsistent ALF, who continued to experiment with different playstyle by swapping their two Junglers, YourRiver and World6. The result went in favour of MCX, but ALF gave them a run for their money in all three games. MCX won the series 2-1.

PSG Talon (PSG) found themselves in 3rd seed after losing the tiebreaker match against ahq eSports club (AHQ) in Week 7, and had to play from Round 1 against Nova Esports (NOV). In Game 1, NOV had a sizable lead on PSG from start to finish, but a great call by PSG Kaiwing had them bailing out from confronting NOV in a 5v5 for the Elder Drake and going for the backdoor instead, which paid off handsomely. NOV never recovered from that shock ending in Game 1, and was sent to the Lower Bracket after PSG secured a 2-0 victory in the series.

Both ALF and NOV had no time to lick their wounds as they were back in action the very next day to play their Lower Bracket matches. NOV’s opponent was Hong Kong Attitude (HKA), who had a great start to the Regular Season but was unable to adapt in the latter part of the season, which seeded them in 7th place. Despite losing Ocean Soul and having a Baron stolen by HKA, NOV found their way to win in Game 1 with G4’s Orianna ultimate, Shockwaves, which caught two members of the opposing team during the Elder Drake fight and helped them secure both Elder and the Baron to push through. NOV did not look back as they steamrolled past HKA to a 2-0 win, advancing to Round 2 of Lower Bracket.

Meanwhile, ALF and BJD played in a tightly contested series. Game 1 will forever be remembered as the first PCS game ever to record a Double Ace. It happened when BJD was attempting a Baron take and Ziggs, played by ALF Weilun, landed a perfect ultimate to steal the Baron. However, ALF wanted more as they hunted down BJD in the Baron Pit. With four members from both teams out, it was down to a 1v1 between ALF Chen9’s Zed and BJD Azhi’s Mordekaiser. Chen9 took down Mordekaiser first, but his HP was critically low and he inevitably fell as well. Eventually, BJD took Game 1 and kept their foot on the pedal to stun ALF to a 0-2 defeat.

The first BO5 series of the PCS 2020 Summer Playoffs was played on Day 3 where 1st seed, Taipei J Team (JT), met MCX. The two have not met in the Spring Playoffs due to JT’s poor seeding then, but they were the favourites to win this series especially with MCX’s lacklustre showing against ALF. That said, MCX came into the match well prepared. In every game, Galio, Twisted Fate, and Sett were their bans during the first phase. The intention was to expose Nestea’s limited champions pool and the strategy worked perfectly. MCX defeated JT 3-1 in this series.

On Day 4, PSG took on AHQ once again in a BO5 series. The two teams previously met in Spring for the exact same match. Back then, PSG sensationally reverse-swept AHQ, dropping down to the Lower Bracket and meeting AHQ again, only to beat them for the second time. Defeating AHQ in a BO5 series is fast becoming a habit for PSG. Despite losing Game 1 to AHQ, PSG once again came from behind to win the series 3-1, advancing to the Upper Bracket Finals to meet regional rival, MCX. The winner of that series will secure a ticket to Worlds 2020.

For the Top Five highlight plays of the week, please check out the video here:

Match of the Week - ahq eSports club (AHQ) vs PSG Talon (PSG) - Game 1

Match of the Week - ahq eSports club (AHQ) vs PSG Talon (PSG) - Game 1.png

Player of the week - PSG Unified

Player of the week - PSG Unified.png

Full match week results

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