2024 Call of Duty: Mobile Season 4 Test Server APK Download Link and How to Install Guide

In order to give gamers a preview of the upcoming season's content before its official worldwide release, the Call of Duty: Mobile Season 4 Test Server for 2024 has been made available.


By downloading the necessary game files and gaining access to the test servers, players who enjoy this kind of experience can see what the game has in store for them in later editions.

2024 Call of Duty: Mobile Season 4 Test Server Download Link​

Players can test new features and give the development team insightful comments on future developments on the Test Server, which serves as a playground for both developers and players. Using the links below, gamers can download the Test Server to receive a preview of what's in store for Season 4.

How to download and play on the Test Server​

  1. Register for the Test Server - To guarantee a spot, gamers might occasionally need to register for the Test Server. This guarantees that the few spots that are available are given to people who are actually interested in providing input.
  2. Choose the correct download link - Once a slot has been reserved, users should select the 64- or 32-bit download link according to the requirements of their device.
  3. Install and Enjoy - After completing the required steps, you're prepared to explore the thrilling COD Mobile Season 4 Test Server.

What's New in Season 4?​

Several new features and content improvements are visible on the COD Mobile Season 4 test server.

  • There will be major UI modifications to the sections dedicated to events and daily challenges, including the addition of a new 'Master Challenges' option.
  • Battle Royale classes are first introduced in the new multiplayer mode "Soldiers on the Battlefield."
  • Adjusting FOV and personalizing buddy health bars are possible with new settings.
  • Scorestreak for the Emergency Care Package and RCXD are expected additions.
  • Historic weapon designs for weapons such as the HBR-3 and MAC-10, as well as the eagerly anticipated Vanguard Mythic MG42 operational weapon.

Players of COD Mobile can expect a new experience in Season 4, which includes intriguing new modes, customizations, and weapons.