2024 Call of Duty Mobile Season 6 - Synthwave Showdown is bringing in a new map, game mode and more!

With the release of Call of Duty Mobile Season 6 2024 - Synthwave Showdown, the future is bright and thrilling. This Call of Duty Mobile season, which launches on June 26 at 5 PM PT, features new content such as the Ground War experience, Advanced Frontline mode, and a brand-new multiplayer map in CODM. It also has a nostalgic 90s party ambiance.


Call of Duty Mobile 2024 Season 6 - Synthwave Showdown Key Highlights​

Players can look forward to a new Battle Royale class, a personalized 1v1 Quick Solo area, and a ton of challenges and rewards in this season update. In addition, the BP50 Assault Rifle, the Combat Advisor position, and the Club's reopening with Weapon Blueprints and Operator Skins with a 90s motif are all introduced in Season 6. Let's take a closer look!

Call of Duty Mobile 2024 Season 6 - Battle Pass​

In Call of Duty: Mobile Season 6, the Synthwave Showdown Pass provides a variety of free and paid goodies. New Operator Skins, Weapon Blueprints, Calling Cards, and extra Call of Duty Points can be unlocked by players. These points can then be redeemed for Premium Passes or Store purchases. With these special awards, you can improve your gaming and immerse yourself in the retro-futuristic pleasure!


Battle Pass Free Tiers​

Get the potent BP50 Assault Rifle in Call of Duty: Mobile Synthwave Showdown. It is renowned for its long-range capabilities and high fire rate. This season sees the debut of the Revive Battle Royale class, which has a medical drone that can automatically revive allies in close proximity and emit smoke to block enemy view.

It is possible to destroy the drone, attracting the enemy's attention and offering tactical advantages. Highlights of the free tier also include an assortment of Skins, Weapon Blueprints, Vault Coins, and other items. Take advantage of these fascinating additions to improve your gaming!


Premium Pass Tiers​

To access all of the exclusive content in the Synthwave Showdown stream, including Operator Skins with 90s influences such as Klepto — Miss Cryptic, Portnova — Glamor Mob, Ruin — Rage Overkill, and Crash — Knuckleduster, you will have to purchase the Premium Pass. Take advantage of the latest Weapon Blueprints that are trendy and enjoyable, such as the DR-H — Sonic Assault, SP-R 208 — Fated Journey, M4LMG — Guntime Funtime, Dobvra — Party Time!, and the new Season 6 weapon-based BP50, ASH2ASH. Get ready to take part in the futuristic, throwback action!

Battle Pass Subscription​

Join the Ground Forces by subscribing to the Battle Pass Subscription, which offers exclusive savings on 10x crate pulls, 10% more player and weapon XP, and additional monthly incentives. The Stitch — Living Art Operator Skin, the Type 25 — Vengeance VR, and the Backpack — Hacker’s Bugout Bag are among the rewards available for Season 6 of Ground Forces.

Call of Duty Mobile 2024 Season 6 - Synthwave Showdown Multiplayer Updates​

New Map - Collateral Strike​

Collateral Strike, which debuted in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, is now available in Call of Duty: Mobile. The satellite crash site in the middle of a desert settlement is the focal point of this scaled-down version of the Collateral multiplayer map. Get ready for close quarters fighting among the wreckage, and be cautious when traversing the level sand dunes. Prepare yourself to explore the thrilling surroundings of this latest mobile update!


New Game Mode - Ground War​

A dynamic power growth element in Ground War opens up new gameplay possibilities. You will be presented with three randomly chosen talents, such greater explosive damage or quicker reload times, as you complete eliminations.

Select one to start reaping its benefits right away. Engage in aggressive play to acquire numerous abilities—each chosen at random from three options—in a single match. The rarities of abilities range from common to epic, legendary, and mythic, offering progressively stronger improvements. Your gameplay will become more strategic and intense thanks to this new feature.

New Feature - Combat Advisor​

Players of various ranks and skill levels will be able to establish ties as advisors and trainees thanks to the new Combat Advisor function that will be added to the Friends section. Assist others in completing tasks to gain rewards; advisers will also benefit from increased Player and Weapon XP.


In order to locate an adviser or trainee in the community, players can work in groups or by using the search option. This feature improves the entire gaming experience by encouraging growth and teamwork.

Call of Duty Mobile 2024 Season 6 - Synthwave Showdown New Challenge Pass​

With the Synthwave Showdown Challenge Pass in the Challenge HQ, you can take on new tasks and earn Challenge Tokens for the Exchange in addition to seasonal unlocks such as the Recon — Fortune’s Razor and Hachi — Personal Growth. To advance through the pass and utilize tokens to buy items like the Hunter Killer Drone — Dart and LAPA — Symphonic, you must complete the Standard, Special, and Elite Missions. Check the in-game Events tab to stay up to speed on new missions and rewards, and use the main menu's Mission Board to see what seasonal events are currently going on.

Call of Duty Mobile 2024 Season 6 - Synthwave Showdown Store Update​

New Legendary Operator Draw and more​

  • Ion pulse (Mythic Weapon) - The sun's power is at the command of the fearless Fiona St. George, Battle Heiress, as she arrives on the scene. Unlock this majestic fighter in a new Draw that also includes the Mythic BP50, Ion Eruption, a weapon that uses the sun and planets in orbit to create a terrifying tool that gets hotter as it gets improved.
  • Pop Idol Draw (Legendary Weapon) - As Kestrel — Dancer of Discord reveals herself in an eye-catching Operator Skin and matching pink-dyed hair, she will battle with a smile on her face and keep the celebration going. Unlock the PP19 Bizon from Draw – iconic for wielding a futuristic SMG in pink and purple that hides a deadly amount of power beneath its svelte look.
  • Game Glitch Draw (Legendary Weapon) - With the Cipher — Arcade Maestro Operator Skin, which looks like a powerful PC and comes with VR goggles to continue gaming even when in combat, you can be ready for a lengthy gaming session. In addition, The Draw includes his go-to KRM 262-Loaded Glitch, a weapon that is ideal for this die-hard player.
  • Samurai's Soul Series Armory Draw - In the Armory Draw, amass a menacing collection of weaponry, encompassing the scythe-like M13 — Risen Shadow and other innovative designs. To unlock a unique reload motion for every weapon in the Samurai's Soul Series Armory, collect them all.
  • Prestige Store - When you draw the top prize in a draw, you'll receive prestige coins that you can spend to buy Weapon Blueprints and other items in the brand-new Prestige Store. To unlock gifs that may be shared in the lobby or in-game chat, complete many Draws.

That's not all, though; Season 6 also includes the Battle Pass material from Season 3 2021: Tokyo Escape, giving you the chance to earn even more premium items and get ready for the difficulties that lie ahead. Thus, don't pass up the opportunity to rule the battlefield in style with the newest products in this fascinating new draw.