2024 Roadmap of Solo Leveling: ARISE unveils all future content updates and dates of release

Guild of Guardians
A lot of enthusiastic fans are thrilled to see the much awaited Solo Leveling: ARISE roadmap to be unveiled. The plans for the game for each month leading up to its release in May 2024 and continuing through December 2024 were made public by a recently released media presentation.


The South Korean game developer Netmarble Corp. confirmed that Solo Leveling: Arise will go live worldwide in May. This new action role-playing game is based on a well-liked web novel and digital comic, Solo Leveling. It has received an astounding 14.3 billion views globally and is Netmarble's first foray into the Solo Leveling realm. It is made for both PCs and mobile devices.

Netmarble CEO Kwon Young-sik expressed confidence in the game's ability to increase sales right away after its release in May during the media showcase in Seoul. He stated that they intended to generate a profit in the first half of the year, not just with "Solo Leveling: Arise," but also with other exciting initiatives that were in the works.


Even though Netmarble's revenue decreased slightly to 2.5 trillion won in 2023, the company nonetheless managed to cut its operating deficit by 35.9% to 69.7 billion won ($52.1 million). On the same day that it announced the open beta program for Canada and Thailand, which will begin on March 21, the business also started game pre-registration. In addition, they intend to release the game on other platforms outside PCs, Android, and iOS, such as Google Play Games and macOS. By the end of the year, Steam should be included, and a console version is planned for the following year.

Solo Leveling: ARISE 2024 Roadmap​

Fans of Solo Leveling can anticipate an exciting schedule of updates and activities all year long. New story arcs, expanded gameplay features, new hunts and weaponry, exhilarating Time Attack modes, and monumental championship events will all be added to the game between May and December. To find out what is ahead for you, let's examine the roadmap:

Demon Castle (First Floors)​
Kargalgan Story Arc Release​
Guild Content​
100 Days Anniversary Update​
Demon Castle (High Floors) Story Arc Release​
New Contents Boss Attack​
Half Anniversary Update​
Jeju Island Story Arc Release​
Story Arc Release​
Original Story Update​
Original Story Update​
Original Story Update​
Original Story Update​
Original Story Update​
Original Story Update​
Maximum Level Increase​
Original Story Update​
New Hunter & Shadow​
New Hunter & Weapon​
New Hunter & Weapon​
New Hunter & Shadow​
New Hunter & Weapon​
New Hunter & Weapon​
Original Story Update​
New Hunter & Weapon​
New Raid​
New Shadow​
Content Update: Roguelike​
Time Attack (Mode) Season 4​
New Shadow​
Contents Extensions​
New Hunter, Weapon, &
Time Attack (Mode) Season 1​
Time Attack (Mode) Season 2​
Time Attack (Mode) Season 3​
100 Days Festival​
New Raid​
Time Attack (Mode) Season 5​
Half Anniversary Festival​
Time Attack (Mode) Season 6​
New Content: Monster Wave​
1st Solo Leveling Championship Preliminary Round​
1st Solo Leveling Championship Main Round​
1st Solo Leveling Championship Finale​

2nd Solo Leveling Championship Preliminary Round​
2nd Solo Leveling Championship Main Round​
2nd Solo Leveling Championship Finale​
New Content: New World Boss​

Players can enjoy competitive events, updates, and thrilling new content through solo leveling. Every player experiences something exciting, whether they are taking part in championship rounds, exploring new story arcs, or trying their mettle in Time Attack games. Solo Leveling is going to be an amazing gaming experience.


Solo Leveling: ARISE global launch date​

Solo Leveling: ARISE's official website was released by Netmarble in March 2023, and the game became live on May 8, 2024. Redeem codes also allow you to access valuable content, including guides for starting your adventure, such as the beginner's guide, reroll guide, element guide, class guide, hunter tier list, artifacts guide, team composition guide, and Gacha system guide.