2D Side-Scroller Bullet League Is A New Take To Battle Royale Genre

Guild of Guardians
If you starting to get tedious with the over-the-top graphics and dizzying free-roam environment that become a staple features in many battle royale games today, you are in luck for the recently launched game from Funday Factory called Bullet League is now available for your mobile platforms.;

Bullet League is a battle royale game mixed with 2D side-scroller action of classics like Metal Slug and Contra. It allows up to 32 players to jump and shoot in a large, destructible 2D platform environment while trying to search for weapons, crates, armors and health packs scattered all around the map. Each game mode such as Solo, Squad and Friend Brawl requires quick fingers to avoid traps and aim for your opponents though game control is very easy to master.

It offers the combination of challenging battle royale elements such as supply drops, ranking matches and the infamous circle that limits the play area in the map and platform gaming features such as hidden areas and rooms for players to explore. All of these are done together with fun and stylish designs for both maps and characters that you can unlock.

You can now download Bullet League for free at Google Play Store and stay tuned for upcoming updates from the developer as they also announce that they are open for feedback to further improve the said game.