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Feb 9, 2021
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Rainee Yee
By now, everyone might be aware that Genshin Impact blew players’ minds after its launch last year, earning the crown of the biggest mobile launch in the history of mobile gaming. This free-to-play action role-playing game caught players’ interest with its outstanding game design, not to mention that the game has interesting characters to play with.

But to some who have not tried the game yet, here are the main reasons most players are addicted to this RPG game:

  1. Amazing Art Style
Genshin Impact uses an anime art style that will surely get the attention of players. The overall look of the environment, characters, and even the enemies are wonderful. Just by playing this game alone will feel like the player is watching an anime but the difference is, it is interactive as the player has control over the characters.

The animation of the game is also flawless and smooth, making it easy to play. The effects that appear every time the character releases combinations or spells will get one captivated with how everything looks and moves.

2. Fun Gameplay

What players will notice with this game is that it is simple yet exciting. It can be played by first-time gamers as there will be instructions for every mission. There are a lot of things to look forward to this game aside from the main arc.

Even better, players have the option to use 4 different characters they prefer every mission, and they can also create spells/special moves among these characters. Other than the missions, there are quests and events that players can try, and if those are not enough, players can roam around the map to gather materials that they can use to improve weapons.

3. Available on Mobile

Recently, mobile games are in demand, and with just a click of a button, aspiring players can easily download the game on their phones. Anyone can try the game and it is free, giving players no reason not to try it.

Despite having high-quality graphics, Genshin Impact looks amazing on mobile. It does not give off a cheap vibe despite it being free.

Genshin Impact is surely taking the world by storm with its gameplay, design, and availability. In fact, a week after it was released, it was downloaded 17 million times on various mobile devices.

miHoYo hasn’t released the number of downloads for 2021 yet but players are expecting that the number increased. Hopefully, there will be new events and quests to look forward to this year.