3 ways to get updated when free games are up


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Feb 18, 2021
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Christine Maye G. Galopo
Normies may often see gamers as those who are willing to spend a ton of money for their much-anticipated video games without an ounce of regret- but that's absolutely not true.

With the COVID on a new rampage, more and more Filipinos become conscious of how they spend their money. Gamers are no exception. Even audacious gamers have no shame in this; their library brimmed only with downloaded games as testament.

If you're that kind of gamer, you've come to the right place, you wonderful cheapskate. We'll be running down a list of where you can always be up to date on free games as it pops up. Here are my top threes:

Steam Free Games

Steam users can benefit from this new website, as it features all Steam games currently for free with ratings to show. You can also look for something specific in its search bar for whatever titles you're hoping to be free. Don't abuse it though, it'll only end up in disappointment.

Direct and straightforward is its strong suit. The latest free games are laid out for you in a grid-like convenience. It also gives you the two search options to switch to the description or tag version or both. Perhaps too simple, though, as it doesn't have any other useful perks aside from the mentioned functions. There are no further advanced options in its searching options, and you only get to see 20 new free games. You also have to manually visit the website- which may not be your go-to if you find that a chore.

Games Free Today

Games Free Today is another simple website but offers more features and functions than Steam Free Games. Notably, it can email you the latest games that are up for free in many online retailers, such as Epic Games, Indie Gala, and more. What's more, it showcases popular titles that are up for grabs. It also lets you know how long the game is free.

Having an email subscription function is what makes this a better website than Steam Free Games. What's off-putting for some, though, is that the subscription feature sometimes freezes in the process, and you have to refresh it to its working condition.

Opera GX

If you heard of the Opera browser, you might not have heard of its gaming counterpart. That's right, there's a browser catered for gamers. The crème de la crème platform featuring a dashboard that serves as a calendar for upcoming games, new titles, sweet deals, and free games on the double. Whether you're only a PC Gamer or a cultured Switch user, you can find the games that fit you thanks to its filtering option. It also displays trailers on new releases for you, so you won't have to miss a single thing in your gaming lifestyle.

The browser itself is still in its early access, so it's always looking for ways to improve and polish- meaning, more good stuff to come for this particular feature. If you're an all-around gamer who needs to be filled in on everything about gaming, Opera GX must be for you.

As a skinflint gamer, what dark rituals do you have to go through in finding free games to keep forever in your library? Let me know in the comments.