34Everlast a 10 Minute Action Game

34EVERLAST is a AAA-style game that you can buy and play on a weeknight, according to the creator. It will be finished in only ten minutes. About this developer, nothing more is known but his name, Ogami. Prior to that, he was a member of the music production team until he began work on 34EVERLAST in 2020.


34Everlast should land in the top 50 in How Long To Beat’s shortest games list.

Since 34EVERLAST is not necessary training, learning the controls is simple. Additionally, the game conveys the idea that a budget project is worthwhile, enjoyable for the community, and stars a stunning heroine. If you lose against the boss, you'll be dropped off at the beginning of the path. We are a love tale in a multidimensional cosmos because of this.


The film 34EVERLAST will be released on PC.

“With the story complete in 10 minutes minimum and no game over, this is fully-packed action entertainment for busy working adults,” iGi indie Games incubator described the game back in April. “A touching love story unfolds in a multidimensional universe.”

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