3D Sci-Fi Action RPG Endless Night announced for smartphones, first gameplay trailer released

Developed by DarkMatter Studio and published by Bilibili, Endless Night is a brand-new sci-fi action role-playing game. Recently, the game's first trailer was released which gave players a look at the game's universe and some gameplay clips. Additionally, Endless Night has entered pre-registration on its official platform on Bilibili. However, despite having high rating and over 50,000 pre-registrations, the game will not be released globally as of now and has no official release date yet.


Endless Night Overview​

The events of Endless Night take place in 2042 in a parallel universe. During this time period, a scientific team-led polar expedition discovered a big man-made item with an unidentified provenance. With the help of this device, humanity has evolved several years into the future and gained new, unheard-of powers.


The Directorate of Investigation and Control, D.I.C.E, an organization dedicated to combating supernatural entities as a result of the world’s greatest achievement, was established by humanity to prepare for this exceptional object. However, on a typical night, DICE's director abruptly disappeared, leaving the company all but in ruins and many of its employees quitting.

You are assigned the role of the new curator and awaken inside D.I.C.E with no recollection. Your job is to solve this mystery and protect humanity from any threats.


The game combines a contemporary urban setting with sci-fi technology and weapons. The game is a very flashy action game similar to Punishing Gray Raven because it is primarily rendered in 3D with environments, characters, and special effects for various assaults.

Endless Night Gameplay​

Endless Night appears to have a similar gameplay mechanic to a 3D action game, with a fully controlled character moving through stages and causing damage with basic attacks, special abilities, and a dodge button. It appears that you can switch between up to three characters to control while engaging in combat.



Like other action games, it appears that you can also switch quickly between characters to use their ultimate attacks when they are available. Some characters also have additional buttons and functions based on their skills.