5 best horror video games


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May 18, 2021
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What are the best horror video games out there? Here are the 5 best horror video games 4FREEGAME wants to introduce to new players.

  • Resident Evil
  • Silent Hill
  • Outlast
  • The Evil Within
  • Fatal Frame

Resident Evil

Resident Evil (RE) is a game that contributes to the production of the survival horror genre. RE is a horror game franchise that anyone knows or hears about.
Over 20 years of development with countless main games and different side stories. This franchise has always affirmed the value of the leading product in the horror game genre.

5 best horror video games
Lady Demetrius in RE8
The content of RE revolves around surviving the Zombies pandemic caused by viruses developed by the Umbrella corporation. Over a long period of development, the game has expanded the scale of the game’s story. Along with that are many CGI movies and live-action movies that use ideas and characters from the original game.

In 2022 the new Resident Evil movie will come on Nextflix.


Silent Hill

Another iconic survival horror game from Japan. Silent Hill brings to players the original fear. When having to survive in a desolate place with scary spirits and monsters. Unlike Resident Evil, Silent Hill is a game with deep meaning about how people deal with the past and sin.

In the town of Silent Hill, the main character will have to experience his fear in the form of various creatures. The game also has many different endings depending on the player’s choice. When faced with problems in the game.

5 best horror video games
Pyramid Head in Silent Hill
Despite being commercially successful and receiving rave reviews from players and experts. Until now Konami has not released any new version since 2012. Although before that, in 2014 the great game producer Hideo Kojima then working in Konami released a version of Silent Hill PT on PS4. However, the game was canceled due to a conflict between Kojima and Konami.



One of the games contains the most horrific images and content. Outlast is highly appreciated by many gamers who love the survival horror genre. The popularity and horror of the game are so high that most streamers have videos playing this game with various reactions.

The story of Outlast and Outlast 2 revolves around the Murkoff Corporation’s experiment to create an entity known as the Walrider. To conduct the experiments, they used a lot of the lives of mental patients or political prisoners. In it, there are many failures that have produced sadistic individuals, prone to killing.

5 best horror video games
Dr.Richard Trager

Outlast will take the player into a location affected by the Murkoff Corporation’s experiments. Survive there and find out the secrets surrounding the experiments and the Walrider. Interestingly, the game does not provide weapons for the main character, but only a camera.

So you will have to find a way to survive against brutal enemies who always hunt you. Along with that is exposing the secrets they are hiding.

The Evil Within

Another game that has horror elements but also has moral and emotional values. The Evil Within builds on the merits of a survival horror game with a familiar story.

In the game, the player will have to find a way to destroy the Stem system. The thing that can connect consciousness and the people in the range of activities. This system is controlled by Ruvik, who will transform the consciousness of the connected people to create another dimension.

5 best horror video games
The Guardian
You will play as a Sebestian detective who has the same past hurts and mistakes as the villain Ruvik. The game will take you through areas in an unreal world created by Ruvik. Return past and present. You will have to destroy the STEM system and leave this haunted place alive.

Only then did Detective Sebastian realize his daughter, Lily, was used to operating the STEM system after Ruvik was destroyed. The Evil Within 2 not only revolves around horror elements, but the game also incorporates the values of Sebastian’s fatherhood for his daughter.

Fatal Frame

Originally a series of games developed by Tecmo for both PS2 and Xbox, Nintendo later became a co-owner of the franchise (since 2012), causing the Fatal Frame versions and its spin-offs. Its version has since only appeared on Nintendo consoles such as the Wii, Wii U, and 3DS.

The same game in the horror genre, but the unique feature of Fatal Frame compared to other names (Resident Evil, Silent Hill …) is that the game exploits the secret fear of people through ghosts and appearances. spiritual image, making the gloom and mystery always cling. The heavy atmosphere of the game gradually “erodes” the mind, making the player obsess.

The ghost is always beside you in Fatal Frame
The first Fatal Frame game to feature the tagline “Based on a True Story” for overseas releases. The veracity of that claim is questionable. But if you change the line to “Inspired by personal events” it will be closer to reality, as creators tend to write what they know.

A game can heavily affect the mood of the studio that makes it. After all, watching scary movies alone can make you feel like ghosts are about to pop out of your closet at any moment. Even the studio that makes Fatal Frame, according to an online diary, the employees were very uncomfortable working with the game Fatal Frame. More and more superstitious developers wear charms around their necks while working, and producer Keisuke Kikuchi wanted to hold a purification ritual to lift spirits and ward off curses.


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