5 Crazy Controls For Mobile Games


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Apr 10, 2019
Manila, Philippines
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Have you tried playing games via Oculus Rift and VR? If yes, how was it? I know I get a little motion sickness with it but it's actually fun!... Fortunately, game developers incorporated these into our mobile phones NOT ONLY THAT they invent different ways to control our characters in the game.

Here are the top 5 ways to control your game:

  • Tapping the back of your phone
Now, this is weird and unique but I want to try it. Fast Like A Fox is a like any mario games but instead of tapping the front of your screen, you have to tap it to the back to make your character move or run fast. If it took a long time to master Mario then you would have a hard time coordinating your fingers' muscles with this game. I think this game will be popular ;)

  • Gyroscope
I've seen a lot of gyroscopic games like in Temple Run, Car games, and etc. but the one that catch my eye would be Zombie Shooter - Death Hospital. It is not a best idea to use gyroscope on a FPS mode with zombies as your enemies because it is too scary. Do you remember when a lot of people shared 360 videos on Facebook, it's like that but that's the main focus of the game.

  • Scream louder
If you like singing or screaming then these game are for you! Scream Go Hero and Don't Stop! Eighth Note! they use your voice (little mermaid references) in order to progress in the game. You don't have to be in tune, as long as you can manage to maintain the voice, your character can jump even the biggest gap ;)

  • Motion Sensor
I remember I only use this on Wii but now it is in our mobile phone. Motion Tennis Cast is like Wii but you just cast the app to your smart tv. Amazing right? You use your mobile phone as the controller, don't get too excited though or else you might throw your phone outside your mom's window.

  • Movement Tracking Games
Do you like Just Dance because it gets you moving? well this game called FitFlap can also do that. All you have to do is to flap in front of your mobile phone as it records it to move your character in the game. You don't have to go the gym, you can just play this game and you will have the sexiest arms.

It's all thanks to this website for these amazing recommendations: https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/mobile-games-crazy-control/