5 Games that are bigger in size (technically) than Earth

Guild of Guardians
Games can be really big in terms of size that you can explore. There are methods on how these work, with a little bit of procedural generated games, one can be as big as a planet that is bigger than Earth. But how about we go on the extremes as we talk about 5 games that are bigger than the planet Earth. Disclaimer before we begin though, we will measure up how these games are big based on their size that you could explore in the game. Not because it can be perceived in real life.


The game we know and love that will be a forever classic among those who have played this game in the first golden age, aaaaand maybe the second golden age as well. Minecraft is truly a creators' paradise. You can create tons of items that you first thought deemed impossible but with a little bit of know-how in the advanced things in the game, it is possible! But we are not talking about how you can create these stuff there, maybe in another article.

What we are talking about here is the sheer size that the procedural generated blocks and its size can be compared to the Earth as a whole. According to those who have explored and those who are continuing to explore the game itself, the map of the game can be considered as huge as the planet Neptune! You can fit 57 Earths in Neptune itself so just by realizing it gives you awe and how tremendous this game is.

No Man's Sky

Hoooooold your horses! Before you bash this game, it is one of the epitome that once a developer have put their focus and effort to the game, it will result to an amazing game and with follow-ups to the initial release, can be a great game that will make the developers beloved by the fans. Besides, there's more to the story of No Man's Sky than you would have known, we suggest you to give it more research. Now, where were we?

Right! No Man's Sky itself is a "universe" rather than a planet. Since the game lets you travel across various planets with various elements, fauna and flora, it is no surprise that it is bigger than our planet. A few years back, the game let you meet up with another player to build and create stuff together but with a universe so vast, it is no wonder that players have a hard time seeing each other without inviting them as their friends. But players have been trying to find their perfect planet to settle in and have a planetary base and with various planets and worlds to choose from, others have not found it yet. Now, if you can make a planetary base and call it home, then you practically made a single Earth in your world, and there is a tons of planet in NMS, pretty much 'nuff said, right?

Star Citizen

Yes, this is another one of the looked-upon games when it comes to ambitiousness of a developer and how they would do their craft. However like Hello Games they need to step up their plate and deliver a quality game that has already amassed $250 million in their kickstarter crowdfunding. But they may be really be doing that and more.

While the hype and the doubt surrounds Star Citizen for now. Talks regarding its sheer amount of size may be something to be looked upon in the near future. There has been estimates that the game may have the size of 400 QUADRILLION CUBIC KILOMETERS, now that is big! There's also been talks about 64-bit enhancing the game and making have more star systems in SC. While there is no definite results that are readily available to players or future players. They can simply looking into the other data that has been given by experts regarding this matter. Still, there is no denying that Star Citizen, once they deliver their work in full, will definitely have a larger size than the planet we live by now.

Elite Dangerous

What more is need to be said at this game. Elite Dangerous is an expansive game where you heard story after story about players having different adventures together at space, there are some stories people are being caught by a creature unknown to most players but ultimately leaving them to their own devices while others have been stuck by trying to achieve something great only to be rescued by players which their goals are to save those who are in need. It may sound like a fantasy but it really exist in a game like this. But since we have talked about grandiose scale of the stories, this is definitely bigger than the planet.

Another expansive space game after another. If you are catching the drift here, these games with procedural method of creating stuff is definitely gonna overtake our planet's size one way or another. Elite Dangerous is such an example at this but not just because of procedurally generated materials but also they really took the time to model the game with the Milky Way Galaxy, yes the same galaxy that we live in right now. With 400 billion star systems and 42 galactic regions to take a look at it. Elite Dangerous is definitely a large game. But it is not all procedural generated, artists have went high above their duty to curate some planets and celestial bodies to fit in what we can observe at the present, particularly star systems like the Alpha Centauri system which is theorized to have habitable life possible there, so they should make planets that are possible for habitation. But enough about that with a galaxy based on science and measured together with experts, Elite Dangerous is a game that will eat your time if you really put your explorer pants on.

EVE Online

Ahhh yes, the pinnacle of spacey stuff. EVE Online has been in the game for long that it has amassed a ton of players ever since its conception. With various things to do such as mine materials, trade them or even your ships with either in-game or real life money, it is something to behold that such a game can create an economy as expansive as EVE. With space battles growing bigger and bigger as clans and corporations have various ideologies and agendas that clash together, they are having a lot of news lately and it is pretty amazing to look at. As a gamer who wish to step in the game of EVE in the future, the adventurer in me cannot wait for such an experience and knowing it will be expansive as ever brings excitement in my body.

Now to the nitty-gritty stuff. In science, we have this thing called Astronomical Units or AUs, this is a unit of measurement that measure the distance of Earth to the Sun, which 1 AU is equal to..... ‎1.495978707×1011 m. Yep, we are talking about scientific notations here, if anything it is proof enough that anything who uses this stuff is truly expansive and definitely, indubitably larger than Earth. EVE has 17 AU and for further details it has 8,000 star systems and if you really want to know its size in kilometers, then it is 249 SEXTILLION SQUARE KILOMETERS! Which cements EVE as one of the biggest games out there. Good luck on traveling there!


While it can be debated that these are just numbers that we can possibly do because of math, you can still experience it in a virtual world and prove that it is definitely bigger than Earth just because the amount of time needed to explore these worlds can be so huge that it can take a lifetime if you really would account EVERYTHING in it. It is amazing how game developers are able to do it and make those who crave for exploration and the expedition to go further beyond is enticing. Space players and those gamers who love explorations such as myself are eager to try out these games for ourselves to have ourselves a grand story and a fantastic experience like others who have played these for themselves. Will any of you look into these games and explore it in the near future, tell us in the comments below!


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Jashii Nobadii
I've been playing Elite: Dangerous for a year now and on-point ang description mo about the game. It's such a shame lang dahil hindi ganito ang hilig laruin ng mga gamers in the PH. With the amount of time you need to dedicate into playing these games - except for Minecraft, almost impossible na maglaro ng ibang games.

Also, sa mga PH players ng Elite: Dangerous, please invite me to your squad. T_T
It feels so lonely kapag walang ibang PH players.