5 Tips to Have a Strong Early Game in League of Legends Wildrift


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May 28, 2019
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1. Position Properly at Level 1

️Positioning is incredibly important at level 1 and throughout the game. Without good positioning, your team may be vulnerable against a cheesy ambush or getting a buff stolen. It is important that the whole team positions around the river to prevent the enemy from invading and stealing away buffs.

2. Don’t Ward Immediately
️we touched upon level 1 warding and where you can ward during the first few levels. Generally speaking, you shouldn’t ward early (pre 1:25) unless you have.

There are not many bushes that will provide you with information which makes them not good enough to ward at level 1. This is because the likelihood of the enemy going through them is rather low. However, there are some areas of the map where you can ward, such as in the river.

3. Make Use of Smart Jungle Leash Timings
️When you need to leash for your Jungler, it is important that you have a strong set up prior to assisting them. What I mean by this is, until the buff is about to spawn, you will want to stand in a position such as suggested earlier.

4. Don’t Level up an Ability Immediately
️You can learn a lot from watching professional events like Worlds and LEC. While the differences between these games and solo queue is way different, there are some things that pros do that should be incorporated into our own gameplay. One major thing that pros do is not level up any ability until the game has started to progress and they absolutely need their ability.

5. Always Hit 2 First!
️If you haven’t noticed, the experience range in League of Legends is quite large, however, it never seems to work in your favor when you need it most! You need to make sure that you’re in lane and in range of the minion wave to pick up the experience. If you are not in range for a minion because you arrive late, you will have a delayed level up. This could mean that you may be on the back foot throughout the early laning phase.