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    Weekly Gaming Update by Pinoy Gamer!

    Rules of Survival Cheaters Update
    • Rules of Survival released a statement and update regarding the cheaters on the game
    • As of March 6, 650,000 RoS players have been banned and are currently reviewing 2,400 Ban Appeals
    • It's also clarified that they are not using IP bans because it's easy to change IP also people on the same IP can be affected by 1 users action
    • The ban did not only include chats but also scripts, plugins or any tools the modify the game itself
    • Here are the new things the Rules of Survival team is doing to prevent hackers and cheaters
      • The Anti-hacking system is now being constantly updated
      • A professional Anti-hacking team for cheating has been formed to which includes tracking in-game cheaters and reserving the right to pursue legal action against the creators of the cheating program
      • They will also release a Weekly list of banned survivors for cheating
    • However, according to the RoS team, the most efficient way to detect a cheater is by reporting suspected players
    League of Legends
    • For our League of Legends news and updates
    • LeBlanc’s old, 2016 kit is coming back in an upcoming patch
    • according to the latest PBE update, LeBlanc is being reverted to exactly how she was prior to the assassin class update in 2016
    • Riot's post on the official League of Legends forums is calling this update a "mini-revert”
    • Riot plans to buff both Kayn and Kha'Zix in Patch 8.6, according to the latest round of PBE updates
    • Kha'Zix AD scaling on his passive is being increased by 10 percent, from 20 up to 30
    • While Kayn's buff includes both his ultimate base damage and AD scaling to up by considerable margins
    • The buff also includes that his passive will now stack more quickly to aid his transformation
    • The Buffs are planned for Patch 8.6 in two weeks although note that PBE changes are subject to change
    • Recently twitch has updated their guidelines for streamers and viewers
    • The guideline focuses on harassment and appropriate dress
    • This is nothing new however this time the guidelines are aimed more on the creators to prevent hateful content on their communities especially on their streams
    • Here is a statement from twitch “Creators are role models and leaders of the communities they create or foster around them, We ask that you make a good faith effort to quell any efforts from those in your community to harass others”
    • Here is what twitch consider hateful conducts
      • Race, ethnicity, or national origin
      • Religion
      • Sex, Gender, or Gender Identity
      • Sexual Orientation
      • Age
      • Disability or Medical Condition
      • Physical Characteristics
      • Veteran Status
    • Additionally, the guideline also includes other platforms other than twitch are punishable as long as there is proof
    • Twitch also addressed the “dress code” where they state “we recommend creators wear attire that would be publicly appropriate for the context, location, and activity they are broadcasting”
    • This is to minimize inappropriate sexual content

    Globe PPGL 2018
    • The Philippines' biggest multi-platform league this year reaches its climax
    • The Globe Philippine Pro Gaming League 2018 Grand Finals is heading to Glorietta 2 Activity Center on March 24-25, 2018 from 11:00AM to 10:00PM
      The event in Glorietta will also feature giveaways for all the lucky fans supporting the local teams, and a press conference area for bloggers and media personnel can get a chance to talk to the players and the teams
    • The event will also feature a Globe Booth on-site with activities, giveaways, and other Globe services.
    Garena AOV
    • On March 17 Garena AOV will be giving away 317 lucky draw prizes!
    • AOV 317 Day will feature various in-game activities which will allow players a chance to win mobile phones and prepaid cards just by playing the game.
    • Prizes include 15 Razer Phones, Razer peripherals, Armageddon Nuke 9 headsets, MobileGrip II and many more.
    • So From 2 - 17 March, all players can register online to be eligible for lucky draw prizes
    • while all players can log in on the day March 17 to claim a free permanent hero and a free skin of their choice
    • You can sign up as an individual or group of 3 as the event emphasizes “play together win together”
    • For every hour players spend playing on AOV 317 Day, they increase their chance of winning an exclusive prize, not just as individuals, but more importantly as a team
    • Fortnite’s free Battle Royale game is got updated with a new mode that pits five teams of 20 players each against one another
    • Take note that this is for a limited time only similar to the previous 50 vs 50
    • The free update went live last March 8
    • Here are also additional mods that are coming
      • Blitz Mode for shorter matches
      • Drop into the first circle
      • Team sizes in between 50 vs 50 and squads
      • a 50 vs 50 version 2
    • Epic Games is really stepping up the battle royale formula which is good to have more diverse options
    • If you haven't check it out Fornite is a Free to play battle royale game its currently leading in terms of player base and stream views
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    kuddos sa mga na ban

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