7 Best Heroes To Solo Carry Matches in Mobile Legends Bang Bang


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May 27, 2020
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Increasing your rank in Mobile Legends may be quite hard if you are playing solo queue on ranked games. However, there are heroes that you can use that can put you on higher ranks much easier than other heroes.

Most of these heroes are either assassins, mages, fighters, or marksmen since they are the ones dealing the most DPS or burst damage that can dominate every match. Additionally, on lower ranks such as Warrior up to Grandmaster, it does not have a banning phase, so you do not have to worry about getting your heroes banned for the match.

We have listed 7 heroes that you can practice to get better, and easily win ranked games, and hopefully, these heroes can help you reach Mythic rank.

Ling (Assassin)​

Ling is a great assassin hero with high mobility, however, he also comes with a higher learning curve than other heroes. Once you manage to master this hero, he can be an unstoppable assassin in late-game.

  • Passive - Cloud Walker: As Ling traverses a wall, he gains energy faster while resting on walls, which can be used for his skills.
  • Skill 1 - Finch Poise: It is a blink/buff skill that will let Ling traverse a wall putting him in a half-stealth state and increasing his movement speed. It also has a passive, which increases the critical chance permanently, which is helpful for destroying enemies.
  • Skill 2 - Defiant Sword: If Ling uses it directly without climbing a wall, it will deal 300-400 physical damage (+40% total physical attack). On the other hand, if he uses this skill while on a wall, it will slow down enemies by 30% while damaging the same amount of physical damage as the latter. If he manages to do a critical strike, then the slow will be an extra 45% and will be longer.
  • Ultimate: Tempest of Blades: Instead of walls, Ling leaps into the air becoming invisible, and has an increase in movement speed. Once he lands on the enemies, it will deal an AOE damage of 250-400 (+100% total physical attack), knocking/stunning the enemies at the centre for a second. A sword field and four Tempest of Blades will show up on the battlefield, which can be used by Ling to reduce or reset the cooldown for his skills.

His skill set is best utilized as a hyper carry where you can wreak havoc among your enemies in the late game. As such, the best strategy for him is to climb up a wall, use skill two to the enemy, do an ultimate once they are slowed, and keep spamming the second skill with the help of the Tempest of Blades (Ultimate) that will reset the cooldown.

Do not forget to attack with your basic attack. Afterwards, you can chase around enemies that are low and trying to escape. Additionally, you must get the purple buff to be very effective.

As for core items, Berserker’s Fury and Endless Battle are two items that Ling must have as these items increase critical damage, reduce cooldown, and have physical life steal.

Kagura (Mage)​

Kagura is a mage hero that, similar to Ling, has a high learning curve as her combos can be tricky. However, as you practice and as you master her combo, she can be a devastating hero to use in ranked games for your unexpected enemies.

  • Passive - Yin Yang Gathering: Every time she gathers her umbrella, it will grant her a magic shield while stunning enemies around her and slowing them down by 60%. Although, it will trigger once every 4.5 seconds.
  • Skill 1 - Seimei Umbrella Open: Kagura will throw her umbrella towards the location, and it will deal magic damage to those who will get hit along the way and will be slowed down significantly. The umbrella will return to Kagura if she retreats from the battle, otherwise, you can go towards it to pick it up or use Skill 2.
  • Skill 2- Rasho Umbrella Flee: If Kagura has her umbrella, she will dash towards the direction leaving her umbrella behind while removing any control effects that she got from battle. If she does not have her umbrella, she will teleport back to the location of her umbrella dealing damage to the nearby enemies.
  • Ultimate - Yin Yang Overturn: If Kagura has her umbrella, it will deal AOE damage to nearby enemies with a slowdown and knockback. If she does not have the umbrella, it will reset the cooldown for Skill 1, and deal damage to nearby enemies. It will also link enemies nearby, and after 1.5 seconds, they will be pulled towards it and dealt magic damage.

One of the reasons why she has a steep learning curve is due to the fact that she has two sets of skills, which depends on if she has her umbrella or not. It is advisable to use Skill 1, then use ultimate to slow down your enemies and once they are linked and get dragged into the umbrella, you can use Skill 2 to teleport to your umbrella stunning them and use your ultimate again for another slow-down and knock back enemies.

As for core items, Clock of Destiny, Holy Crystal, and Lightning Truncheon are items for Kagura as they tremendously increase her magic attack, which will be helpful for the burst damage.

Khaleed (Fighter)​

Khaleed is a fighter hero that is quite powerful and can easily dominate in the early game. Being a fighter, he can do 1v1 on any side lane. He can easily be mastered and does not have a steep learning curve compared to Kagura and Ling.

  • Passive - Sand Walk: As he moves around the map, you get energy, and once it is filled up, you will glide on sand increasing your speed movement while slowing down enemies. It also enhances his next basic attack.
  • Skill 1 - Desert Tornado: It is an AoE attack which deals physical damage to enemies nearby. This skill can be used up to three times and it increases the damage by 15% every cast. It also deals more damage towards creeps and minions.
  • Skill 2- Quicksand Guard: It regens Khaleed’s health and energy while reducing damage taken for up to 4 seconds. It will also slow down enemies nearby.
  • Ultimate - Raging Sandstorm: A crowd control/blink skill that will slightly knock-back enemies and stun those who are on the destination for 1 second.

As for Khaleed’s combo, it is best to wait until you are gliding on your sand before attacking and spam the first skill and basic attack during the engagement. Ultimate is mostly used when you are chasing or initiating a clash with enemies. Skill 2 is used if you are safe and are low. This is very helpful to be a more consistent lane pusher since you do not have to retreat to the base to heal.

As for the core items for Khaleed, Blade of Despair and Queen’s Wings are great items for increasing physical attack and movement speed, as well as increasing HP and cooldown reduction.

Roger (Fighter/Marksman)​

Roger is a versatile hero as he is both a fighter and a marksman. Although he can be intimidating to use for first-time users, he can be a very good hero to master, and he is pretty decent even in higher ranks.

  • Passive - Full Moon Curse: As a human, basic attacks slow down enemies on hit. In wolf form, his basic attack deals 5% of the target’s lost HP as extra damage.
  • Skill 1 - Open Fire/Lycan Pounce: In human form, Roger will shoot two quick shots that deal physical damage. The first shot will slow down enemies, while the second shot debuffs your enemies' defence. In wolf form, he will pounce on an enemy making him invulnerable as he lunges towards the enemy. It also deals physical damage, and if he manages to kill or assist, the cooldown will be reduced by 80%.
  • Skill 2- Hunter's Steps/Bloodthirsty Howl: In human form, speeds up movement speed for 2.5 seconds. In wolf form, his attack speed will increase instead, while the movement speed will increase as you spot an enemy hero that has lower health than 40%.
  • Ultimate - Wolf Transformation/Restore Human Form: In human form, Roger will pounce on an enemy while transforming into a wolf, dealing physical damage and slowing enemies in the process. There is a slight buff on physical and magic defence, as well as movement speed. On the other hand, as a wolf, you will return to your human form, while gaining shields for 1.5 seconds.

The best strategy for Roger is utilizing the first skill in human form to slow down enemies, and if you manage to chip off at least 30% of your opponent’s health, then use your ultimate and skills as a wolf to defeat them.

As for core items, Endless Battle and Demon Hunter Sword are great picks as they will make Roger better in terms of sustainability, and has mana regen and cooldown reduction.

Pharsa (Mage)​

Pharsa is a great mage and can be torn against enemies because of her amazing skills that can be quite hard to counter, especially if you are on lower ranks. She works well even at higher ranks so it will be nice to master her.

  • Passive - Spiritual Unity: Every 8 seconds, Verri, Pharsa’s bird, will attack the enemy that Pharsa targets and will deal magic damage and slow down the enemy.
  • Skill 1 - Curse of Crow: Pharsa casts a spell on a target area, which will mark the enemies as well. The next basic attack or skill will stun the opponent.
  • Skill 2- Energy Impact: An AoE skill that will deal magic damage to everything that hits its way towards the destination.
  • Ultimate - Feathered Air Strike: launches an air raid for 8 seconds that will deal massive magic damage.
  • Skill 4 - Wings by Wings: Transforms into a bird that can navigate maps and move through walls.

Pharsa is one of the easier heroes that you can master and win games. Despite being a mage, Pharsa is mostly known to be used as a support in clashes considering her skills are best used to inflict heavy damage on enemies. Using the first skill to mark enemies, then doing the second skill to stun all the marked users provided that they are hit by the second skill. If you have the Ultimate ready, then use it while they are stunned as it will usually finish off the enemies.

As for core items, you may use Clock of Destiny and Lightning Truncheon to increase her magic damage.

Saber (Assassin)​

Saber is a no-frill assassin that can easily be mastered as he is one of the most used heroes in Mobile Legends. He has also been revamped, which makes him a viable assassin even in higher ranks.

  • Passive - Enemy's Bane: every skill and basic attack reduces physical defence for enemies for 5 seconds, and stacks up to 5 times.
  • Skill 1 - Orbiting Swords: Saber will put out 5 swords that orbit around him that will deal AoE damage to nearby enemies. As Saber uses his basic attack, he will send an orbiting sword towards the enemy dealing more damage in the process.
  • Skill 2- Charge: As the name suggests, Saber charges towards the direction while inflicting damage along the way. The basic attack will be buffed and can slow the target for a second.
  • Ultimate - Triple Sweep: Saber will knock the target airborne and will launch consecutive attacks towards the enemies dealing massive blows for the first two hits, while the last blow will deal more powerful physical damage.

Saber users will most likely play as the jungler, which means you will gank lanes most of the time to get kills. There is no specific combo to use Saber but utilize his passive as much as possible as it debuffs the target significantly, and you can use the first skill to deal more damage to the target or any enemies nearby. The ultimate must be used as a decisive blow as Saber does not have a stun skill.

As for the core item, Malefic Roar, Blade of Heptaseas, and Blade of Despair are great items for him to deal more powerful blows in the late game.

Granger (Marksman)​

If you think Saber is a no-frill assassin, Granger is the no-frill marksman. However, he still has a steep learning curve considering he relies on combos to win battles but mastering the combo will make him very powerful from start to finish.

  • Passive - Caprice: Basically, a buff passive as the 6th/last bullet will always be critical physical damage.
  • Skill 1 - Rhapsody: shoots all bullets towards the direction, and each bullet deals massive blows to the target if hit.
  • Skill 2- Rondo: this is Granger’s blink, which also buffs his damage for 5 seconds.
  • Ultimate - Death Sonata: shoots super bullets which will inflict heavy physical damage and slow down enemies.

The ideal combo for Granger is to make sure the gun has 6 bullets. Utilize skill 2 to buff your damage and get closer to enemies, and deal a basic attack, then use the first skill to shoot a barrage of bullets, which can kill an enemy. Otherwise, use the ultimate to deal damage and slow down enemies, dash again to buff your damage and use a basic attack to deal damage to the enemies.

As for core items, Hunter Strike and Endless Battle are essential for Granger. These items can provide movement speed increase, physical life steal, cooldown reduction and movement speed buff.


These are the 7 heroes that you can use on ranked games that can help you reach higher ranks. Of course, it will take time for you to master them, and usually, you are going to discover your own playstyle and preferred hero type as you play the game, so take the time to master heroes as much as you can.

If you have other heroes as suggestions, then let us know in the comment section down below. And if you need a boost, get some Mobile Legend top up from OffGamers here today!