7 Deadly Sins Grand Cross x That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime collab

Guild of Guardians
Anime gacha games have been a hit for a lot of reasons, and definitely one of the main big reasons is that the characters that you get in the game have a lot of emotional value in you that you've love to have them in your account and share experiences together as they bring something new to the team. The newest released game by Netmarble, Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross has been a success story because of this and the free-to-play experience it brings, so let's talk about the game and their upcoming collaboration.

7DS Grand Cross is a turn-based RPG where you have 3 characters and 1 sub-unit where they have a passive, active skill and an ultimate that you can use, similar to other turn-based games, like FGO. But where FGO has only one focal point to equip the servants like a craft essence. 7DS goes for gears. You can equip 6 gears for the characters and this will be boost them even further in the game.

There's been an ongoing argument if the game is really good for F2P or if the whales have an advantage since there's a PVP where things can scale up that it is ridiculous but one thing's for sure that is in agreement with the players, the game is not a casual game for anyone who wants to know. Still, it's very generous for its gacha and ads, even though it's a very frowned upon thing, is welcomed in the game.

But today's collaboration is about "That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime" or most known as Tensura or just simply Slime. This show has been enjoyed by a lot of anime fans as the main character is lovable and the whole show is simply enjoyable. Characters such as Rimuru Tempest, Milim Nava and Benimaru are available for 7DS GC players to acquire in the event. Collect Fire Essences from Ifrit Death Match and Magic Fragments, Sharp Fangs and Everlasting Flames from event quests to exchange them into valuable rewards in the shop.

There is a Death Match event with Ifrit that if you clear Boss Battles from the Collab Event, there will be a chance to have a Death Match with Ifrit, If you do clear the boss battles, here's what you can get to make the fight with Ifrit much easier.


Hate it or love it, 7DS Grand Cross is here to stay. A memorable franchise with a collaboration with a beloved anime is something that will attract players on it. As long as Netmarble can make this game profitable and well-maintained, the future is secured in this game. Will you be playing this event in this game? Tell us in the comments below!