8 Games You Can Play to Help You Get Better at PUBGM


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May 27, 2020
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PUBG Mobile is a battle royale that is focused on having realistic gunplay, and it shows as you need to have great aim to get kills in the game, regardless if it is a close fight or a long-range fight with enemies.

How do you actually win gunfights? Well, it is more about selecting the right guns in every encounter, as well as picking the right place and having a good aim to make sure your enemies get the hit. On the other hand, there are other applications that can help you become a better shooter or have better reflexes in the game.

Here are some of the games you can play to practice your skills.

  1. Luminous Tap – Reflex Training​

Luminous Tap is not a first-person shooter, but it can help you improve your reactions in mobile games.

The gameplay is easy; you tap the light as it shines, and it becomes faster and faster as you complete more levels. It is honestly a fun game filled with adrenaline rushes as you tap faster with better accuracy.

It will help you in PUBGM, as reaction time and accuracy are also needed to win a chicken dinner. Furthermore, it aids in faster clicking per second, which is essential in any mobile game.

  1. Circuroid​

Circuroid is a fast-paced arcade shooter. Similar to Luminous Tap, it is another form of reflex training for you to get better.

It has intuitive controls as the main objective of this game is to defend the circular perimeter from incoming objects. There are endless challenges you can complete, as well as unlock power-ups as you play to finish off the asteroids quicker and more efficiently.

It is a fun game, and it will help your reaction times, especially with strafing, as the controls are very similar to how you use an analogue or movement in PUBGM.

  1. Canyon Shooting 2​

Canyon Shooting 2 may help improve both aim and reaction time, although I would say it is more about speed and reaction time considering it is like an on-rail shooting game rather than an FPS game.

If you have been to a shooting range before, this is what it feels like, to be honest. It has some realistic gunplay, and honestly, the game is fun for what it wants to portray. It has a lot of weapons, ranging from assault rifles, to machine guns, and many more.

The game can be quite challenging as you progress.

  1. AIM: Speed & Accuracy Trainer​

Let us now start with getting your aim better, and it is a good thing that more and more aim training games are coming out on mobile.

AIM: Speed & Accuracy Trainer will help you get your aim right when shooting enemies faster and more accurately. Additionally, it will also help you train a high level of clicks per second, which is quite important when shooting single gunfire in a long-range fight in PUBGM.

It is a simple game, but very good at improving your aim to the highest level.

  1. Aim Master: FPS Aim Training​

Now, we move on to the 3D visuals of aim training games on mobile. The first game is Aim Master: FPS Aim Training, which is a basic training app that does its job well enough to be recommended here.

There are three modes, which are speed aiming, track aiming, and practice mode. You shoot the circular plates to earn scores, and you have three lives that are going to deplete every time a circular plate disappears.

  1. Aim Champ: FPS Aim Trainer​

Aim Champ: FPS Trainer is a training tool to improve your FPS skills. With over 30 preset training scenarios for specific games, it can definitely help your skills, depending on the conditions you want.

You can also track your performance, such as knowing your accuracy, avg. kill time, and targets hit. You can challenge the world with its leaderboard feature to check the statistics of the best shooters, and it is being actively updated to have more compatible games for its training.

Additionally, you are able to create custom tasks, change settings, and control placement to create the PUBGM feel.

  1. 3D Aim Trainer​

As the name implies, 3D Aim Trainer uses 3D visuals to make it easier to replicate the conditions for PUBGM. If you want to train on a PC, it also has a PC version.

There are multiple training modes, which are perfect for games like PUBGM as you can practice flicking, strafe aiming, tracking, and many more. It is also one of the better-looking aim trainers on mobile, with detailed statistics and graphics. The use of a controller is also supported if you prefer playing that way.

Surprisingly, the game has more depth considering you can battle 1v1 in aim battles, earn gold, progress in the game, and even upgrade your weapons. Moreover, you can customize and create your own training, user interface, and much more.

  1. Aim Lab Mobile​

Aim Lab Mobile is probably the most popular aim training app, considering it started with a PC version that is used by several esports players, and now it has come to mobile. It is still currently in public beta, which means there will still be a lot of improvements.

Train your skills and aim by selecting from 6 training modes, which can be for reaction time, target detection, and many more. There are also presets for popular mobile games such as PUBGM to simulate the optimal conditions for aim training.

You can also customize your training as well as your own weapons. You can also progress in the game and get special rewards during timed events to motivate players to practice. Another way to motivate players is that you can challenge friends on global leaderboards to find out who has better skills.


These are the games that can help you improve your skills in PUBGM. I would recommend playing the games of your choosing at least 30 minutes before you actually play PUBGM to note any improvements. You can also get some PUBG Mobile UC from OffGamers here to help with your gameplay.

If you know of another mobile game to improve PUBGM skills, then do not hesitate to suggest it in the comment section below.