8Elements Announces Alpha Test Rise of Nowlin for SEA

8 Elements announced the Alpha Test for the upcoming Rise of Nowlin, a new action mobile MMORPG. This waterfront event on 29 August 2019 – 7 Sept 2019, attuned for the upcoming launch is open for gamers on three countries: Singapore, Malaysia and Philippine.

We are greeting to all participants as the first legends of Nowlin. During the Alpha Test, participants also can join the first event : Claim the Throne“, get free diamonds, relic equip and rare Mount.

Rise of Nowlin (http://8el.mobi/i8NHzz) is one of the most anticipated mobile game coming in 2019. The developer ShouYou has work intensively on the high cost project and bring a top-tier product that suit for all generation.

Players can experience classic action RPG in enthralling beautiful 3D graphics and interactive details which deliver hundreds of hours of adventure.

There are FIVE Classes available to play: Warrior, Magician, Archer, Assassins, and Priest. Player can start build the character, develop tree skills, attributes and customizable equipments. From the city of Nowlin to every dungeons, the pursuit of the escaped dark ether called Asados will leads to unexpected journey!

Rise of Nowlin at a glance:
  • MMORPG for mobile (iOS & Android) for massive of players on one world map.
  • Explore a mythical fantasy empire in beautiful 3D graphics.
  • Variety life activities as the character game progress
  • Seek and Hunt mighty monsters.
  • Test your character in epic PvP battles.
  • Fight across diverse regions from elf’s wood, deserts, volcanic and to the dungeons! Higher levels mean more epic monsters will appear!
  • Forge an alliance with your friends and other players to raise Guild strength
  • The Rise of Nowlin team is hard at work with a new development trailer teasing some of the content for the official launching.

Last but not least, there is an fun community event until the official launch Rise of Nowlin.

Follow us on social media :
Facebook Group – https://www.facebook.com/riseofnowlin
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/rise_of_nowlin/

About 8Elements was founded in 2003 by Joerg Tente as a leading mobile game content provider and renowned games specialist in Asia Pacific, we have built up our expertise with premium mobile games in the last 10 years and operate app stores, game channels and subscription services all over Asia.

As the online game industry in many of Asian country is rapidly evolving, our current and future visions remain focus to deliver high quality products for gaming experiences. After successfully launched BoBoiBoy Games Galaxy Run (2016), Power Spheres (2017) and Battle of Heroes (2017), 8Elements ready to partner with a proven track record and innovative gaming or entertainment companies in each respective markets.

Our publishing network activities for app games on Google Play, apple iTunes, Appota, GoodGame and other stores zero in on Southeast Asia, making us the only cross-country regionally active mobile games publisher for over 200 million ASEAN game players!

Publishers or Game Developers can send their press release on our site, simply follow the guide here:https://pinoygamer.ph/pages/press


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Aug 19, 2019
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Sept 2019 – 8Elements announces the Early Access stage for Rise of Nowlin (http://8el.mobi/i8NHzz ), the latest MMO mobile game set to launch in SEA (South East Asia) region. This phase will use to check for stability and other possible changes before Rise of Nowlin official launch.

Rise of Nowlin already resonance a good vibe to the gamers in South East Asia. The new mobile game is very inviting with classic roots but complete MMORPG with advance features interface that suit for gamers. The developers ShouYou Network are confident that players will be delighted with the newest version.

The Early Acces is arriving on the heels of a successful Alpha test from last August, which resulted in over 4,000 registrations and significant hype about the upcoming game. 8Elements sent 2,000 invitations to the Alpha test and really appreciate the testers who already offered a lot great feedback.

The pre-registration for Early Access is open today, 9th until 22nd September. There is no first-come-first-serve, so everybody free to take time, just be sure to register before the closing date.

You can register your email on the official site: https://rise.8elements.mobi/pre-register/

The Early Access will be available on 25 September for players from three countries: Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippine.

After register, user can visit, bookmark and later download Rise of Nowlin on Google PlayStore >>


Rise of Nowlin centers around a peaceful city, where human race has to defend from the threatening of dark aether named Asados. Player can choose from 5 available classes and later can choose between two faction: Dark or Light camp to fight and seize the truth behind mystery.

Player can further customize the attributes like tree skill soul, equipment, mounts including enjoy all PvP/PvE and guild features. The game aims to offer approachable legendary heroes, the growth power of your character and the strategic depth to dominate with guild alliance.

Last but not least, there is an fun community event during the Early Access. Follow Rise of Nowlin latest info on social media :

►Official Website - http://rise.8elements.mobi/

►Facebook Group – https://www.facebook.com/riseofnowlin

►Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/rise_of_nowlin/


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Aug 19, 2019
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With great excitement we announce the launch of our latest game RISE OF NOWLIN on Google Play Store today, 17. October 2019 at 3pm in Singapore, Malaysia and The Philippines.


Rise of Nowlin is a beautiful high-end open world MMORPG for hardcore gamers with powerful mobile phones.

The game is very competitive and attracts players who like PK. It offers PvP, Guild versus Guild, battles of whole camps and entire wars.

Unlimited free PK at any time is not the only highlight. The game offers unique LIFE SKILLS, infinite DAILY ACTIVITIES, epic FIGHTS against mini Bosses and the majestic WORLD BOSS.

Having been developed over the last 2 years, the game graphics are stunning and effects will keep players coming back for sure.

8elements as one of the leading mobile content and game publishers in Asia, proudly presents Rise of Nowlin to the South East Asian gamers. The new astonishing mobile MMORPG is ready to kick-off Open Beta on Thursday Oct, 17, exclusively in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Rise of Nowlin has emerged as the most successful free-to-play mobile MMO in the last two months. Thanks to all players who already join and play the game since Alpha and Early Access which resulted both in very good player feedback, excellent reviews and high ratings.

The developer ShouYou Technology, a dedicated mobile games studio in China, has worked intensively and carefully to optimize gameplay, characters, graphics and the whole game system so players can get the best mobile game experience a new MMORPG can offer today.

During this important milestone, all account IDs created during Early Access will NOT be wiped and CAN login to the game and continue their character progress.

Additionally, the team announced a reward for current pre-registered testers with gems and diamonds as a reward for their support and loyalty. Players also enjoy Open Beta events from new exclusive mounts, costumes, top levels and guilds.

Download and play now! You can find this exciting new game Rise of Nowlin on Google Play here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.eightelements.shouyou.ron.en.
The game will run best on all devices supporting 64-bit APK, 4GB RAM, Android 8.0 (Oreo) and above but cannot be played on lower spec mobile phones.

Rise of Nowlin will be available on iOS devices through Apple’s App Store in a few days.


- First day login parade! All players will get 1000 pink diamonds on the first Open Beta day
- New mounts and new fancy costumes
- Epic quest boss killer and rare items from it
- Fantastic events from Top Level (solo), Top Guild, Hide and Seek and many more!
- Join the epic massive battle between two camps: Light and Dark

More information can be found on Facebook: @riseofnowlin and Youtube: 8elements at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZbpKHfM0vjDJZ9zc5SiqRg
Please also visit http://www.facebook.com/8elements

For further info please contact:

General: [email protected]

Help: [email protected]

Media: Journalists seeking information about 8elements or its products, to set up interviews or ask for additional assets please contact: [email protected]

About Shouyou

Shouyou Network Science and Technology Co., LTD., established in April 2015, is a professional mobile Internet entertainment product developer with a skilled and experienced core team of 70 members in Shenzhen, People’s Republic of China.

About 8elements
8elements is a leading Asian mobile games publisher specialized in localized products and services for gamers in Southeast Asia and Australia/NZL. As one of the most established regional players, 8elements markets high quality branded and non-branded games and apps via app stores, mobile network operators, independent portals, media sites and handset manufacturers. Its dedicated team has published 15+ popular titles in close cooperation with its developer partners, including hit games BoBoiBoy: Adudu Attacks! and Power Spheres.
8elements, a privately owned company headquartered in Hong Kong, currently operates out of 6 offices in Jakarta, Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Melbourne and Hong Kong.


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Aug 19, 2019
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Play Rise of Nowlin and Win Razer Gold Treasures!

[Rise of Nowliin, Mobile MMORPG, Free-to-Play, Razer, Razer Gold!

[Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines] November 4, 2019. After the successful launch on Google Playstore and App Store, “Rise of Nowlin” (http://rise.8elements.mobi/) has emerged as the most exciting free-to-play mobile MMO in the last two months in to the South East Asia region (Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines). 8 Elements as the leading mobile content and game publisher, establish cooperation with Razer Gold, the unified virtual credits for gamers worldwide, presents Razer Gold & Razer Giveaway Event Parade for the legends! This event will run from November 4th to 30th, 2019.

Rise of Nowlin has emerged into one of the finest MMORPG that has fulfill the passion of gamers who seeks the free-to-play adventures with a great battle, free PK, guild vs guild and the epic camp wars. It is all about war beyond imagination.

To celebrate the new milestones and delivers more fun entertain for all legends, Rise of Nowlin team and Razer brings exclusive prizes; the Razer Gold Pin and Razer Kraken Pro V2 up for grabs! There’s also an exclusive hoodie, T-shirts, and diamonds to all lucky participants.This great offers will be available on payment channel PayandPlay (https://payandplay.asia/). It is time to Play and Join Four Events To Win Razer Gold Treasures!

Razer Gold Giveaway
Grab your chance to win 40 Razer Gold pins. Razer Gold is the unified virtual credit for gamers worldwide. Use Razer Gold to purchase in-game Rise of Nowlin items and unlock exclusive content.

Razer Gold Bonus Recharge

Top-up via Razer Gold via PayandPlay and enjoy GET EXTRA 40% diamonds!

For event details info, check Rise of Nowlin facebook >> https://www.facebook.com/riseofnowlin/

Razer Gold Treasure Hut


Recharge with Razer Gold and win the grand prize of 1 Razer Kraken Pro V2, Exclusive Rise of Nowlin hoodie+

Rare mount (Unicorn). For event details info, check Rise of Nowlin facebook >> https://www.facebook.com/riseofnowlin/

Razer Gold Lucky Wheel

All legends can participate on this round of excitement by performing one time purchase of minimum USD$10 ($SGD 10, RM 40, RP 100000) Razer Gold via PayandPlay https://payandplay.asia/). Stand a chance to win a premium headset “Razer Kraken Pro V2” and other exclusive rewards “Artifact Saints set” and exclusive Rise of Nowlin T-shirt (premium grade).


For event details and info, visit Rise of Nowlin official facebook fanpage >> https://www.facebook.com/riseofnowlin/

All the winners of the events will be announced on the first week of December via live streaming (3 days after event end). All the events will run to each of your Rise of Nowlin accounts so players can earn a maximum of three chances to participate.

Wants more excitement and entertaining events? So join with other hardcore gamers and play to win.

Download Rise of Nowlin on Google Play:

https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.eightelements.shouyou.ron.en .

Get Rise of Nowlin on App Store :



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Aug 19, 2019
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Merge Server, New server and Updates!

To improve playing experience, Rise of Nowlin will merge the server Two Camps and Shadow Lands into "Honour Ground" on Dec 4th, 2019. As a small token, there will be compensation for all players (from Server 1 and Server 2). The compensation will be sent to the mailbox inside the game after the merge has been completed*.
For more info about Terms and condition, you can check it here

Rise of Nowlin team always strives to listen to our heroes' valuable opinions. Behold, its time to enter the next episode Re:Born!

After the merge server, we will update:
New Auction Updates:
Heartie costume and weapon
10 Gold
130 Gold Coins
Deed: Elk
Piece: Unicorn
Piece: Gold Bull
Piece: Panda
Piece: Tigerlord
Special Offers Discount! Get 50% discount on the promotion page:
- Polishing Potions Pack
- S Lucky Scroll
- Fodder•C - C•Refining Stone - B•Refining Stone - J Lucky Scroll - Mid Lucky Scroll Lucky Wheel Adjustment! SPECIAL OFFERS!
1 hit: only 100 diamonds
5 hit: only 500 diamonds
Spin and get the chance of: Mount Reindeer (Elk) *new* Random Gem Lv. 10! and more.

Coincide to the server merge, Rise of Nowlin also will be adding a new server named "FAIRY LAKE".
This will be the right moment for newcomers to start the journey in the land of Nowlin! Get yourself ready to compete and race against other legends to reach the highest rank on FAIRY LAKE!
The new server will be available on December 4th, 2019. Make sure you participate in the opening celebration by login to grab all the rewards!
Day Rewards
1. 1000 Pink Diamonds, Bag Expander Pack
2. 1000 Pink Diamonds, Bag Expander Pack
3. 1000 Pink Diamonds, Bag Expander Pack
4. 2000 Pink Diamonds, 1000 Gold
5. 2000 Pink Diamonds, 1000 Gold
We encourage all legends to join this fresh adventure with the new item mall, discount, and event activities!

Special Offers Discount!
Shop and Save up to 50% on the promotion page:
- Polishing Potions Pack
- S Lucky Scroll
- Fodder •C
- C•Refining Stone
- B•Refining Stone
- J Lucky Scroll
- Mid Lucky Scroll

Top Power (Reward: 1 set saint Artifact - unbinded)
Best Level Up (Reward: 1 set Saint Artifact – unbinded)
Top Arena (Reward: 1 Lava Horse)
Contribute and fight for your guild honor! We are looking for the best 2 guilds (Reward: 1000 dias for each guild member).
Keep in touch for the upcoming updates and stay tuned on our social media.

The lake is waiting!
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