A Challenger is Arriving: World of Zenonia Coming Soon iOS Android 

We all know the success of the mobile industry this year from classics such as Among Us and the breathtaking Genshin Impact, it is definitely amazing to see how they have improved their strides and gone this far. It is quite incredible. But what's more incredible is that with the games making innovation each step of the way, prepare to see greater games in the future. Let's talk about a potential one in the future.

World of Zenonia a.png

Zenonia has been a well-known game for mobile players even back in the days. With their classic class system, the tried and tested stories about good and evil, and how the older series can be played offline and the online was a tad good back then, it was a phenomenal hit for the mobile players who wish to see a little bit different than the rest. Well, it seems like they are about to release another one soon and it's about to be interesting.


Gamevil, now part of Com2uS announced "World of Zenonia", it boasts its non-targeted combat system, which will need you to have skills in order to be great in the game and the classic cartoon rendering that we have known in Zenonia for a while now. It seems like this will attract nostalgia lovers of the classic Zenonia games and those who wish to play other games that can be similar to Genshin Impact.

World of Zenonia c.jpg
World of Zenonia e.jpg

While we do not have gameplay footage yet, it is still interesting when it will be released to see how it does in the market. Unfortunately, Gamevil said it will not be in the market until 2022. So we still have almost 2 more years, more or less, in regards to the release of the game.

World of Zenonia b.jpg

This puts a slight concern as when 2022 hits, there are about to be great games that will compete with them and the classics that would have stood the test of time back then. Would it be okay to be that late and deliver this game, or better to have a staggered release? Only time will tell how the landscape will look at. How about you? What do you think about World of Zenonia? Tell us and join the discussion now!