A fan-made ‘Final Fantasy IX: Memoria Project’ teases about a Modern Remake

The Memoria Project began in January 2020 with two workers, although development just recently picked up momentum in March 2021. The squad now has a total of 28 members.


Dan Eder, the project's leader and a senior 3D character artist on the recently announced Warner Bros. Since the project isn't playable yet, MultiVersus, a games platform fighter, told Gematsu that the objective is to eventually achieve the team's desire of a triple-A, current-generation Final Fantasy IX remake, as well as maybe inspire Square Enix to do the same.

The first teaser video for Final Fantasy IX: Memoria Project, a non-playable fan-made passion project managed by a team of professional developers and artists that intends to reinvent the setting of Final Fantasy IX in current visuals, has been published, called "Welcome to Alexandria."


The project was called after the game's penultimate dungeon, which serves as the player's final test before being whisked away to the Crystal World, where they would face a slew of challenging enemies.

While there are PC mods that seek to modernize the aesthetics of Final Fantasy IX, the Memoria Project envisions a completely new perspective on the original material rather than just a cosmetic.

In terms of how deep the Memoria Project aims to delve into the universe of Final Fantasy IX, Eder stated that the team's present focus is on Alexandria exploration gameplay, but that cinematics and certain fight scenes would be tackled later.