A Guide for a Balanced Life while Playing MFF


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May 11, 2015
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A Guide for a Balanced Life while Playing MFF (2 hours/day)

You don't have to fatigue yourself grinding MFF, you just have to play SMARTER!

Personally, I only play 2 hours of MFF a day, but I always get everything in the game.

So here's a daily guide to #chillgaming but getting all the rewards of the game. This does not include days with AC (depends on your alliance choice) and Shadowland (but if you're an advanced player you can do SL well under an hour)

To begin here are some basic resource stats:
Energy - takes 10 hours to fill up a 120 energy bar
Boost - takes 2.5hrs to fill up

11pm to 12am - 1 hour
Almost everything resets at 11pm. I use my daily free energy at this time. I also mostly use clear tickets at this time. Finish:

Send Alliance Points
Donate to your Alliance
1 or 2 Dimension Rifts
20 Special Missions
2 Daily Missions
5 Legendary Battles
3 Villain Siege
5 WB / WBU
Alliance Battle and ABX

Timeline Battle (autoplay while preparing for bed or reading a comic to sleep)
Co-op (autoplay while preparing for bed or reading a comic to sleep)

If the Daily Challenges include WBI, look at the WBI if it's easy to do. If it is, then do it.

9am to 9:30am - 30 minutes
KOH and WBI reset at this time. Clear tickets are always recommended for rifts. Finish:

KOH - at least 1 match
WBI - minimum of 5 matches suggested
1 or 2 Dimension rifts (depends ilan ang kulang)
2 Mutual Enemy
4 Veiled Secret
3 Memory Mission
3 Dark Dimension

12:30pm to 1pm - 30 minutes
While having lunch, it's best to empty your energy to zero by 1pm. 11pm is 10 hours away and your energy bar will be exactly filled up. Finish:

Story missions (bios & norn stones for newbies & urus and uniform xp for advanced players) - you can also choose to do X-men tracking missions especially pag ubos na yung Boost.

WBI - if you want more WBI, play them here

I will leave the levelling up of your characters, cards, gears and isos to your discretion. It's probably one of the most fun of the game, unless RNG screws you.

EDITED: You can also look at your anti-matter machine once in a while. It fills up every 6 hours (based on a max level machine)