A Magic Shoes Item Review

Guild of Guardians


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May 1, 2019
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The rarest movement item used in the current META! A Magic Shoes Item Review

Featuring Max CDR Stat
Guide by: AdminGanda
Magic Shoes $710
+10% CDR
Unique: +40 Movement Speed

Is this useless?

Slotwise, it is a yes in my opinion. The 40% CDR limit is very achievable. Some core items already have 10% CDR. Buffs gives CDR too.

Support and Assassin Buffs gives 10% CDR
Fighter Buff gives 15% CDR And Mage Buff gives 20% CDR!
Core Magic Items that have CDR are:
Lightning Truncheon And Calamity Reaper

Then if your emblem is at Max 10% CDR, there is really no need to use another CDR item. Better invest for a better movement speed item.

That is the reason why Magic Shoes is rarely used in the current META.
Mage Buff (20% CDR) + Emblem Max (10% CDR) + Core item with CDR (10%) = 40% CDR Limit.

For those who still did not know, CDR can't go beyond 40%. So for example, if you already have 40% CDR from items and emblem, even if you get the mage buff, your CDR will still be 40% not 60%.

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