A New Brave Frontier is in the Works! Code:BFX in development!

Guild of Guardians
Back in the good ol' days where gacha and mobile gaming is relatively new. There was one game that really took the attention of the crowd and had gained a huge following from there on out. Brave Frontier.

Code BFX.png

It was the talk of the town in mobile gaming and have left a lasting memory from their players. With that game started the future of mobile gaming and has advanced forth. With all that said, maybe a sequel or a new entry in the franchise is in place?

Code BFX a.png

Exactly what will be happening is that there is news that a new Brave Frontier game is coming up which will be titled code: BFX. The new game however will have a different take than the old Brave Frontier games. The older Brave Frontier games have pixelated art and dated backgrounds which really looks old school, but not saying it ain't cool though. However, code: BFX has a new art style and backgrounds are now using 3D rather than 2D which is a nice approach to the game. It shows that it has really improved.

Code BFX b.jpg

The gameplay will have an action RPG style with the theme of the gaming centering around "summoning battles" and according to the producer of the game, Hideshi Takahashi, he is hoping that you can experience the battle of the summoners more realistically. In my opinion. looking at the battle UI, it really looks nice. This might be a great new BF game.

Code BFX c.png

But the details are still not really specified for now because they are still announcing more things later today at their live stream in the Brave Frontier fes. 2020, it will be up at 6:00 PM today if we're to base it in Philippine time, so you still have a few more hours at the making of this article to catch it!

Nostalgia is a strong tool indeed but if you pair it with innovation and promising new features in the game, it will bound to be great! Will code:BFX be like that, tell us your thoughts in the comments section below!