A new plane shooting game wants to ask for your suggestions - "Wingy Shooters - Arcade Fly"

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Aug 27, 2021
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Hello friends,

We have developed a mobile aircraft shooting game called "Wingy Shooters - Arcade Fly".
This game has been public for a while now.

Currently, we want to refresh and optimize the game to increase the number of downloads.

Some of the new features we have updated in the game are:

You can log in to Facebook and have a ranking (worldwide) to compare scores and rankings with your friends.
  • There are many more beautiful graphic effects.
  • More UI improvements...

And many other changes are waiting for you to discover…

I would like to ask for permission to upload the download link of the game "Wingy Shooters - Arcade Flyer" below, I hope you guys can try it out, experience it, give me more suggestions so that from there, my team will have new ideas for improving this game to be better, to satisfy the player even more.

We look forward to receiving your comments.

Thank you all.

P/s: I would like to leave the link to download the game below.

Link CH Play:

Link iOS:

My homepages: http://www.pigcellstudio.com/