A New Ragnarok Awaits: Gravity gives updates on their Ragnarok IP iOS Android 

With a classic IP such as Ragnarok, you can never go wrong when you make a game with that series. All the nostalgia that you can bring about the people who used to play the game in internet cafes, the bonds that they have made while playing the game, and the memories they shared will always go down when they hear the word "Ragnarok" or "Ragnarok Online".

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However, milked the series is, if it sells, it will rake up the dough, so let's talk about Gravity's update on their Ragnarok IP.

Ragnarok Origin

The game had already started in South Korea back in April 2020, Ragnarok Origin has already the roots to begin in the other servers. In which, they have announced in 2021 that they will be releasing the game in Japan, but no news yet for a Global Server. With a little bit of stylized art than the classic games, this might be interesting for those who want a different look for a Ragnarok game.

Ragnarok Origin.jpg

Ragnarok X: New Generation

With refined graphics and smoother gameplay, it definitely is an interesting take on the game. The innovation is definitely there. With the power of TikTok's parent company, ByteDance then we can see why it looks like it is polished. With a strong presence in Taiwan, it will release in Southeast Asia in 2021, so prepare for the game if you want to see a new Ragnarok soon.

Ragnarok X New Generation.PNG

The Lost Memories: A Song of Valkyrie

While the Ragnarok name is not in the title, it is still considered a Ragnarok game, with the classic style that you remember Ragnarok by, it is something that nostalgia chaser would want to play if you wish to relive the good ol' times. It will be available in Thailand in 2021, but there are no other details that are mention other details such as the one that will operate the game there. So it is best to stay tuned.

The Lost Memories.jpg

RO2: Spear of Odin

With the publisher being the developers as well, Action RO2: Spear of Odin will be a new game that will release in Southeast Asian countries, which includes the Philippines as well, with it being a 3D Action MMORPG game, expect a new style of Ragnarok with graphics that are slightly different from the classic and familiar to the modern ones also.


Ragnarok Begins

Still an unknown game in the meantime, it has been stated in their pipeline that Ragnarok Origins is a game that they will unleash soon, so it is best to wait and see for the potential it may become if executed right.

Ragnarok Begins.PNG

Other Ragnarok IP announced: Ragnarok Poring Merge, Ragnarok H5 2 and Ragnarok Tactics


With all the games that are lined up for the Ragnarok IP, we have a lot of games to play in this series. While it may be growing a bit old now for a lot of people, the nostalgia that it brings to us, especially Filipinos will remain as we spent our childhood enjoying the games that we have shared together!

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