A New Ranged Defender Pokémon Is Now Out And Available In Pokémon Unite

Since the game's release on the Nintendo Switch on July 21st, it has added a third new character to the roster of Pokemon Unite. Blastoise, the Shellfish Pokemon, is the most recent addition to the game, making all three of the Kanto starters playable in the game for the first time.


As part of the most recent update, players of Pokémon UNITE can now purchase and play another popular Pokémon that was previously unavailable. Now that Blastoise has arrived in the game, players will have a new defensive option to try out in the metagame, something that had been highly anticipated. In contrast to Charizard, who is an All-Rounder, and Venusaur, who is an Attacker, Blastoise is a Ranged Defender, which means it has high endurance and will undoubtedly provide some valuable support for your squad.

Blastoise's Offense, Mobility, and Scoring are all rated two stars out of five on the overview screen, indicating that it is a step below being a jack of all trades in terms of versatility. The reality is that these statistics are not always meaningful in practice. When it first appears in a match, this Pokémon is known as Squirtle. However, it will evolve into Wartortle at Lv. 5, and then into Blastoise at Lv. 9. With the Fashionable Style Holowear that it offers, you can even make your Blastoise appear positively opulent, sporting a smart casual attire complete with a fetching hat.


Blastoise has been a long-awaited addition to the game since its first appearance in the video. Those who were fortunate enough to play the game during its beta testing phase will be familiar with the Pokémon, but the unveiling trailer demonstrated some of the game's skills for newcomers. At level 1 and level 3, Squirtle can learn Water Gun and Skull Bash. When it reaches level 5 and evolves into Wartortle, Water Gun can be evolved into one of two attacks: Hydro Pump or Water Sprout. Reaching level 7 will allow you to evolve Skull Bash into one of two attacks: Surf or Rapid Spin, before Blastoise learns its UNITE move, Hydro Typhoon, at level 9. This Pokémon's scoring animation is also unique, since it shows the Pokémon dunking Aeos orbs by firing them up with his water guns.

Blastoise may be obtained currently by exchanging 8,000 Aeos Coins or 460 Aeos Gems at the in-game store. If you plan on playing Blastoise, you should also get the new Holowear, Fashionable Blastoise, which was introduced alongside the Pokémon. The in-game store will charge you 400 Aeos Gems for this. It was also revealed that Mamoswine and Sylveon will be released next, though no dates have been set.


If you have a Nintendo Switch, you can play Pokemon Unite right now. You can also pre-order the game on the App Store and Google Play ahead of its September 22nd mobile release. Players may play on mobile using their Switch UNITE accounts, so you can redeem Blastoise for use on either platform when it becomes available.