A New Rhythm game called Roeteno launches CBT applications

Dream Engine has announced the start of the closed beta test for their brand new rhythm game Rotaeno on March 26, 2022.


Closed Beta begins on 03-30 21:00 PST
Closed Beta ends on 04-05 21:00 PST

The new anime-themed rhythm game shows a lot of potential. The game offers unique features, as well as a mesmerizing art style and original character designs.

First and foremost, while Rotaeno will use the typical mobile rhythm game staple of tapping on certain notes as they come down a set path. It will also includes a fully gyroscopic functions within the phone, adding a new exhilarating experience. This means that as notes appear on the path for you to tap, you will also need to rotate your device in certain ways in order to complete the levels.

Join the Closed Beta testing here!