A New Xbox One System Update Is Out But Only for Preview Testers

A new update is waiting for you if you're in the Xbox One preview program. The Alpha version 1705.170505-1900 preview is now available for testers.The update fixes a problem where, sometimes, uninstalled games would show up as installed. This update fixes a number of problems, including one where the console would sort titles alphabetically when you selected Sort by last used" or Sort by last update.

Xbox One Preview Alpha Build 1705.170505-1900 Patch Notes:
Games and Apps

  • Fixed an issue which could cause games and apps to sort alphabetically when using "Sort by last used" or "Sort by last update".
  • Certain games should no longer appear in the Apps section while they are installing.
  • Resolved an issue which could sometimes cause uninstalled games to display as installed in the Games category.

  • Miscellaneous localization fixes and improvements.

  • Fixed an issue which could sometimes prevent users from participating in Tournaments.

source via Microsoft

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