A quick guide for blink+poof combo for Meepo

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    The reason I'm saying this is because many players prefer to listen to 5k or above. I'm not that great as a Meepo player but I have some techniques for those people who wants to try Meepo for the first time.

    I will not explain everything about the hero. As stated in the title, I will focus on blink+poof combo.

    >you don't have enough micro managements (controlling 2 or more units)
    >you don't have a very good map awareness
    >you know you have a slightly slow hands
    >your enemies has a counter against Meepo like Gyro/Ember as carry and Earthshaker as support
    >your ping is high
    >you always want to kill
    >you don't know how to pull

    1. Grouping the clones
    1. Inside Dota 2, press the SETTINGS BUTTON on the upper right corner.
    2. On the lower left side, you can see the CONTROL GROUPS section.

    3. The default setting is TAB, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. You can change that later if you want.
    4. Create a lobby where there are no enemy heroes anywhere in the map. Please DON'T USE THE 'DEMO HERO' on the loudout page. And make sure to enable cheats ON.
    5. Pick Meepo, of course.
    6. Type "-gold 999999" and "-lvlup 24" and buy an aghanims scepter and blink and go somewhere where you can easily manage the Meepos. I prefer the Radiant jungle.
    7. Press "F1" and move your main Meepo AWAY FROM THE CLONES. Press "F1" then press "Ctrl+1". If you do this, the next time you press "1", it will highlight your main Meepo. It's a lot easier than reaching the "F1" button.
    8. Move your main Meepo out of the clones. Highlight the clones by drag and dropping your mouse cursor to the clones. This time, press "Ctrl + 2" to highlight them so that everytime you press "2", all your CLONES will be selected.

    2. Blink + Poof combo
    1. Press "2" to highlight all your clones. Press "w+click+TAB" four times to poof your clones in the position that you want. Note that the number of times that you have to cycle through the "w+click+TAB" combo depends on how many clones you have. We are using the full-levelled Meepo for our example that's why it has to be done four times.
    2. When you're done with the first step, press "1" to select your main Meepo and blink in your desired location. PLEASE DO NOTE THAT YOU ONLY HAVE "1.5" SECONDS TO EXECUTE THIS CORRECTLY.
    3. I highly recommend to poof your clones in the location that you want to blink NOT to the main Meepo itself. In that case, you will not mess up your combo (probably) and you will not have that rare case where your main Meepo and the other 3 clones are fighting in the clash while 1 meepo was left in the fountain.
    4.Practice your skills with the trick. Again, it's "w+click+TAB" to the desired location >>> blink your main Meepo in.

    3. Some other options
    1. You can change the the numbers in the Control Group sections to suit your most preffer key. I like to keep it in "1" and "2" to make it easy for me to reach them.
    2. You have 4 more other control groups. "3, 4, 5, and 6". Use it to maximize your potential. I'm using "1" for main Meepo, "2" for clones, "3" at the number three clone, "4" at the number four clone, and "5" on the fifth clone. This way, let's say my fourth meepo is being attacked, I can just press "4" then poof it to the other clones where it is safe.
    3. You can enable the "quickcast" tab in the options as well. What it does is that it will make your combo easier compared to your normal w+click+TAB.

    How does quickcast work?
    Quickcast works by using your item/spell where the mouse cursor is pointing at, meaning, for example, your are about to use your blink. Instead of clicking the blink's hotkey then "CLICK" on the position that you want, you just have to press the hotkey itself while hovering your mouse in the position that you want. Basically it just removes the "CLICK" effect and makes your skill/item faster to execute.

    How can quickcast improve my blink+poof combo?
    Instead of w+click+tab four times, you just have to press w+tab. Just make sure that your mouse is on the location that you want to blink in.

    Here is the example:
    w+click+tab : w+click+tab + w+click+tab + w+click+tab + w+click + 1 + blink
    w+tab : w+tab + w+tab w+tab + w+ 1 + blink

    As you can see, it's a lot faster to think that you only have 1.5 seconds to execute the combo.

    How to enable quickast?
    1. Go to your settings and look at the top right corner of the screen setting. There, you can see the 'Quickcast tab' and some other things.
    2. Press "Quickcast" then click on the ability that you want to enable quickcast to, and in this case, it's Poof. So click on the second ability and press "W". Please do note that you will lose the letter "W" in the 'Cast tab'

    4. There's so much fun in the settings menu. Try all other stuff you can find there where your game will be comfortable for you.
    5. You can also use quickcast on items such as blink to make your combo a lot faster.
    6. Below the tabs that I've mentioned, you can also use the "Select All Units" and "Select All Other Units". What it does is that in allows you to control the units that you owned. These settings can be good for heroes like Meepo, Lone Druid, Lycan, Visage, or any other heroes that can summon units. When using these controls, keep in mind that it says "Select All Units" or "Select All Other Units". So any necronomicon, manta illusion, illusion form runes will be selected as well.

    Last note:
    >If one Meepo die, they will all die.
    >Acquiring blink before aghanim is not recommended but it all depends on situation. I prefer aghanim first before blink to have more clones and in that way, I can farm my blink faster.
    >Don't do the combo against Earthshaker, Ember Spirit, Gyrocopter unless you have the proper lock down or if it is a sure kill
    >Watching a great Meepo player helped me a lot. Players like BigDaddyNoTail, w33, and Devilish inspired me to play the hero.

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  2. Queenary

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    Opcode Engine Team
    Good settings for fast hands hehehe
    Do you stream while playing ?
  3. RobertGilbert

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    Useless, better train your fingers =)
  4. jacksonxxxparker

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    awesome settings for good streamers and am playing on my anda seat gaming chair.
  5. NinoMagu

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    Team Liquid
    Improve skills and you will achieve more, but if settings can make it easier for you why not change them? :p
  6. FredHalligan

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    I wrote a great guide. I'd just add some tips from this one as well.
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