A Rocky Road Ahead: My First Wild Rift Experience Android 

Guild of Guardians
After painstakingly waiting months and months for Wild Rift to open its doors to me, it finally happened today! It was some sort of an experience that is definitely exciting to see. My frustrations are over and I can finally play League on the go, so to tell you guys about my first experience in Wild Rift, let's review what I saw in my first match.

My First Wild Rift Experience a.jpg

First of all, the game started with a tutorial ARAM map, the tutorial was well-done, it was explained the mechanics of how the game plays and what you need to do in order to win a match. After trying out Jinx as the tutorial champion, you can select different champions that you wish to give a feel in the sides. Champions like Ahri, Blitzcrank, and Garen together with a few more to try out. It was nice that they did so the player can have a different experience in different roles in the tutorial session. Easy enough, that was it.

My First Wild Rift Experience b.jpg

After that, I asked as to select a champion to unlock, I picked Jinx as I mained ADC in the the PC League. I was then sent to a tutorial 5v5 match, which I skipped since I was trying to get to the game itself, I unlocked other champions such as Ahri, Garen and Blitzcrank by playing more. Just when I thought I could play a real match, I was then directed to another Coop vs AI match which I guess I could not escape with, so I did match up and finish a game.

My First Wild Rift Experience c.jpg

A glaring issue that I found is that the game can jump frames suddenly, you may think that it may be a phone error of mine, but if I can play Genshin in the lowest and still have a playable state then I wonder if it really is the phone problem. I believe that it is more of an issue with the network as I get a constant 30 FPS in the game without a problem.

My First Wild Rift Experienced.jpg

To test it out, I played another game but it was a normal match this time, the issue is definitely there as I can see the signal strength weakening as the game continues but it can be fluctuating, so you can get some stable ping yet experience jumpy latency. But let's understand that the game is in CBT so it is to be expected.

I was about to add that the game can be locked into 30 FPS which can be a problem for a few but remember that there is an option in the settings if you wish to do so! Just check the graphics and see a 60 FPS option and turn it on.

My First Wild Rift Experience e.jpg

But otherwise, the game is amazing. The transitions are smooth, the graphics of the skins and the models of the characters are top-notch. The people who said that the WR's models are better than PC are damn right, those are fantastic! I cannot make a concrete overview for the CBT as of the moment because I haven't played enough of it, but take note that there will be one soon, so be on the lookout.

Since I am in the CBT, I am in it for the long run! I am just gonna strike a balance with my other games, Genshin and this HAHAHA. But yeah, we will keep it coming, so join the Wild Rift Discussion.