A3: Still Alive: A Look Into A MMORPG-Battle Royale Hybrid

Netmarble recently launch a new mobile MMORPG in South Korea called A3: Still Alive which provides a brand new twist to usual RPG game as it includes a Battle Royale mode for players to duke out using magic, swords and bows instead of guns and grenades.

A3 was developed using Unreal Engine 4 and features staple MMORPG elements like campaigns, dungeons, pet system, and open-world setting. It is based on a well-known PC MMORPG Project A3 that emphasizes on Player-Kill (PK) gameplay. This PK-based feature coming from its PC game predecessor was translated to A3 under the guise of Battle Royale mode that allows up to 30 players to join.

Instead of usual soldier-inspired characters, A3 allows players to select from its roster of classes such as Archer, Paladin, Assassin, Sorcerer and Berserker to use during Battle Royale.

As usual, players will have to pick weapons and items within the map. Take note that whatever you class, you can still use choose among different weapons before the start of the Battle Royale. If you want a sword-wielding Sorcerer or an arrow-shooting Paladin then there is no problem to it.

Unique weapons can also be unlocked and players can obtain related skills for their characters along the way.

Since it focuses on intense PK-style gameplay, you will control characters manually without relying on auto-combat features. Due to the small map, expect that kills will come fast unlike other Battle Royale that requires more time before the carnage starts between each player.

Because of its Battle Royale mode that can have a potential appeal to the western and global markets, A3 is expected that it will be launch soon from other regions outside Korea. We are hoping Netmarble will consider this one so we can try this hybrid game.