A3: Still Alive Mobile RPG Hits 1M Downloads Within A Week Of Launch iOS Android 

Guild of Guardians
Do you love the thrill of non-stop battles? How about the excitement of killing other players in your sight? A3: Still Alive is the game that offers this kind of rich PVP content. Netmarble just unleashed this brand new game a week ago. Surprisingly, it went beyond my own expectations. A3 hits 1 million downloads within just a week!


Can you imagine a 100 vs 100 unrestricted PK battle? That's insane! It's like you combined the Open-world genre with all-out PVP Battle Royale! If you're familiar with how MU Online worked a long time ago, it's identical to how A3: Still Alive operates. The unrestricted PK is always active, so you'll need to make sure that you stay vigilant and alert at all times.


Well, of course, you'll need to work on its RPG part. Although the main highlight of the game is its rich PVP content, you'll still need to work on your equipment. That's the only way for you to survive against other players and the open-world PVE content including the Boss Raids. What's an RPG if it doesn't have any classes, right?

Choose from 5 different class types - Berserkers, Templars, Wizards, Assassins, and Archers. You already know what those names mean so there's no need to give detailed information on what they can do. Aside from this RPG content, players will also gain access to the Soul Linker feature in the latter stages of the game.


Soul Linkers are like game pets. It's something that you collect and train. They accompany you through your adventures including boss battles. There are over 270+ Soul Linkers that you can collect. They're categorized into three groups according to your needs - ATK, DEF, SUPP.


Since it's full of PVP content, the game also offers the Guild system. Everybody knows how a guild works - you raid and conquer against other guilds. But, that's not what you're looking for, right? You've seen the 1 million downloads of the game within just a week since it was first released. That calls for a celebration​


The 1 Million Download Celebration includes 4 parts - BOX event, Thank You Package, 7-day Log-in Event, and a Special Sales Event. What you should be looking out for the most is the BOX and 7-day Log-in Event.

1Mil Box.jpg

They contain sweet free rewards that you can use as a headstart to your adventure. Especially that 7th-day log-in that contains the 5* Rare Soulstar. As for my personal opinion about the game, all I can say is that Netmarble did a great job in making the UI as simple as possible. The controls and graphics were smooth. Although I'm not a huge fan of auto-battling and auto-questing, A3: Still Alive managed to make it look interesting and engaging.


Special thanks to Netmarble for the images and content that I've used. The credits are all yours. May your game's success continue for a long time. So far, it does have the stench of P2W possibilities, but I managed to enjoy the game without spending a penny. Looking forward to all the improvements you're going to make.

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