Abyss One: The Magnus Arrives in Black Desert SEA

Pearl Abyss announced today that Black Desert's new content "Abyss One: The Magnus" has launched along with additional improvements that were promised at the 2022 Heidel Ball. A new Autumn Season also has begun to greet new and existing Adventurers with special benefits and rewards.

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The Magnus is another world that coexists alongside the world of Black Desert. Inside the Magnus, Adventurers will encounter and befriend "Wuju", the custodian of the Magnus, who will charge Adventurers with investigating the abyssal anomalies occurring within this new world.

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The Magnus comprises many different abyssal pockets that each offer unique storylines and situations for Adventurers to explore, and missions to clear. Armed with Magnus-exclusive gear, Adventurers will have to rely on their wits and ingenuity to overcome many obstacles to clear the abyssal pockets.

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Exciting rewards and benefits will be given to those who complete the main questline of the Magnus. The first, a PEN(V) Boss Gear part, can be selected once completed. New Adventurers are encouraged to seize this opportunity to gain a huge advantage at the start of their journeys in Black Desert.

Secondly, upon completion of each abyssal pocket, Adventurers will be able to travel between major cities by utilizing the branches of the Magnus that connect them. As such, Adventurers will be able to access all storage of the cities that have been visited from any location and move items between regions.

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Last but not least, a new "Abyssal Legacy" skill can be learned once per class. This new skill can be obtained by using a Secret Book which can be acquired upon completion of the main quest of the Magnus.

Watch the Abyss One developer's commentary video here and "10 Things To Know About Abyss One: The Magnus" video here.

Moreover, several revamped improvements announced at Heidel Ball have also been made, such as class balances and skill point adjustments. Elvia Realm has also been revamped to allow access from any location without changing servers.

The new Autumn Season has begun and will run until December 7. In addition to experience points buffs, this season offers life content benefits such as life experience points buffs and increased Gathering loot. Adventurers can also obtain Tuvala Enhancement materials through Gathering using appropriate tools.

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