AcadArena fires its marshal due to harassment allegations

AcadArena fires their marshal named Dan “Dalandan” Cua for allegedly harassing a student.


Last May 26, AcadArena made a post on their official Twitter informing their followers of an incident between one of their marshals and a student.

Allegedly, one of the marshals was dismissed from his post for harassing a student. Aside from firing him, AcadArena also removed all of his access and banned him from any future events, activations, and community spaces.

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No further details were released by AcadArena in regards to the incident to preserve the privacy of the victim and to also keep what little dignity the marshal has left.

AcadArena is dedicated to maintaining a safe space for our student community and will continue to stand with victims of abuse. Our notice to the public is to refrain from any online harassment, bullying, or witch hunts of the offender. One form of harassment does not excuse the perpetuation of more harassment.


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Nov 2, 2022
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Mahab Britter
Unfortunately, such cases happen quite often. But I am glad the victims of harassment can finally get support and protection. Just a century ago, this was the norm.

People are becoming more aware, and it pleases. But I think the Internet is still full of people who regularly harass through correspondence. I know several girls who had to turn to because of the obsessive bowing on the Internet. I hope that the situation will get noticeably better soon.