AcadArena Scholarships & Aid Reopens with a P5 Million Fund

AcadArena is relaunching their scholarship program aiming to reach more student gamers in the Southeast Asian region. Ranging from Senior Highschool students to students currently studying in college.


“True to our #NotJustPlay values, we want scholarships for gamers to be as normal and as frequent as joining a tournament,” Kevin Hoang, Co-CEO of AcadArena shares two years after announcing the first ever gaming scholarship of its kind for the country.

The ASA will continue to have categories for leaders, athletes, women, families, and, now, senior high school students. The relaunch is joined by brands such as Rumble Royale, Twitch Student, and MetaGoons, which each have their own listings for student creators on Facebook or Twitch, as well as student gamers in the metaverse.

Application Details

AcadArena will also make it easier for students to apply. The awarding cycle is now every three months, with monthly announcements of shortlisted applicants. Students who submit early can then decide whether they want to improve their application or hope to make the next shortlist.

Students will no longer have to reapply every month, but only once every cycle. The cycles are as follows: February 26-May 26, May 27-August 27, and August 28-November 28.

Check out and apply for the different scholarship programs they offer in the official AcadArena Website!