Accidentally mentioned the moderators and got muted for 24hrs


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Dec 29, 2018
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Hello! My discord ID is Chrono#0001 and my username in PinoyGamer is Saltvayne.

I'm here to explain why I accidentally mentioned the moderators when talking with the other members on the lobby. Here's what happened, we were talking casually on lobby then I would like to mention @JustPanda#7632 then the other members showed on my discord and the Moderators, Enforcer showed up too. I accidentally put my cursor on the moderators tab then accidentally clicked enter to send my message then I deleted it. I know it's bad for me to mention the staffs and I will do my best to not do it again. I apologize if this caused any inconvenience to anyone, and I will do my best to correct my mistakes.

I'm looking forward to your response. Thank you very much for understanding.
You've been in the server for too long. You know once you get muted its always 24 hrs. It's either you wait or do nothing.