Acclimation Wars


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Nov 4, 2018
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Soldiers! Novus Server is now LIVE as of 12:29 GMT+8! You can now resume playing RF Online. The Acclimation War for the pioneers of Stargazer is here! Happening every Saturday starting June 8, 2019.

As Stargazer’s first cycle completes, the survivors of the jump back to Novus are welcomed nothing else but war – endless war. Novus’ citizens are expecting to be reinforced, but it’s every race for their own out there when it hits.

Also, The Stargonauts will be able to Enjoy X2 EXP and X2 PT Boost for the Entire week!

Here's the list of highlights in the item mall this week:

I. Best Sellers
  • Shining Gate Coupon
  • 5X 1-Day Relief Jades Box
  • Cartella Weapon Box [Lv50]

II. 25% off
  • Armor Socket Extender B
  • Armor Socket Extender C
  • Weapon Socket Extender [Leon]
  • Charm of Clairvoyance 30days
  • Charm of Speeding 30days
  • Charm of Leader 30days
  • Charm of Holiness 30days
  • Charm of Restoration 30days
  • Burst Generator 30days
  • Protect Generator 30days
  • Perfect Generator 30days
  • Panzer Generator 30days
  • Aggressive Generator 30days
  • Silence Generator 30days
  • Kartella Premium Service Token
  • Shiny Luck Jewel Coupon
  • Lucky Set of Gem Exchanger
  • Warehouse Expansion Capsule
  • Cartella Warrior Box [Lv50]
  • Cartella Ranger Box [Lv50]
  • Cartella Launcher/Force Box [Lv50]
  • Cartella Warrior Box [Lv53]
  • Cartella Ranger Box [Lv53]
  • Cartella Launcher/Force Box [Lv53]
In addition, this is no ordinary Chip Breaker Challenge past the first June 8th 10PM CW: specific targets are called out based on the previous winning race in the last chip war before the events. For example, if the Accretians win the 10pm CW on June 8th, on the next June 15th 10PM CW, aspiring chipbreakers will get the bounty IF and only IF they are successful in breaking the Accretian chip.

The Chip Breakers of the Acclimation Wars will receive the following:

– 10,000 RF Cash Points(loaded directly to player accounts)
– +4 Shiny Weapon of Choice
– 5 SBD
– 100k CPT

Make sure you’re all ready, because war waits for no one!