Ace of Heroes Core Gameplay


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Jul 7, 2019
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In this turbulent land, a total of 7 countries have been divided. You, are born to end this chaos and ruler the world. Thus, you need to recruit heroes from all over the world, consider each hero's characteristics and skills to form the strongest lineup and fight against enemies from stage to stage. Epic heroes are waiting for you to command!

You must fight for your own countries against other countries, from the most basic level soldiers to promote step by step until they become the lord of a country, compete for land ownership and lead the country to expand their territory. The ultimate goal is to achieve the unification of the world!

The Core Gameplays

National War

The most eye-catching (most distinctive) in the game is the national war system. Every day when the national war starts, you will be able to fight against the other six countries and plunder the land, which can fully allow the Rulers of various countries to show leadership on the battlefield. During the national war, Rulers and Generalissimos can command through assembly, garrison, attack, etc. As long as the command is appropriate, whether the army is stationed in one place at the same time or the enemy is killed separately, it will effectively boost the morale of domestic members. When the seven countries are unified, the national war is over, and everyone can receive corresponding rewards according to their performance.

Boss Battle

The boss battle is one of the distinctive Five-Person raids in the game. There are many characters that only appear in mythological stories to challenge as the boss. When you successfully kill the boss, you can get rare equipment and materials, and make enhancements for your generals.

Dungeon Hunt

In the game, there is a very mysterious treasure hunt in the underground palace. During the exploration of the underground palace, you will encounter underground palace guards, mysterious merchants, guarding bosses and other adventurers, and trigger battles, transactions, and treasure acquisition events. How to find the ultimate treasure through floors of difficulties depends on your strength.

Wheel War
This gameplay is especially for you, if you’re the fan of one-on-one battles. A total of 3 generals in the team can be selected before the battle. The battle process adopts a one-to-one PK mode. When the three characters are successively defeated, the total number of enemies defeated will be counted, and it will become your personal records.

In addition, role playing is another big feature in this game:

Official Positions

In the game, each country has various official positions. The positions of the lord, prime minister, and generalissimo have special powers to issue missions and determine national policies. Therefore, the official position you get represents your opinion National influence.

National Policy System

The brain-storming national policy strategy system, where you can adjust your policies for the other six countries anytime.

Every decision affects the strengths and weaknesses of future state-to-state combat. Whether you can become a successful lord of a country or be replaced by the ministers and generalissimos one day, is entirely in the control of your national political performance.

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