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Jul 7, 2019
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Frequently askedquestions may help to solve the issue that you are encountering.

Where to insert the gift code?
Please click the game character icon on the left top corner, and click ‘‘Gift code’’ button.

Any reward for the first Top-up?
Yes, AOH will gift a grand package in appreciation of your support!

What kind of payment methods can be accepted?
GooglePlay and AppStore are the ways for topping up.
If you encounter a payment failure, please change the network and relog in the game to try again. Most of these situations are caused by network connection problem.

Or Please check if you have already set a payment method on GooglePlay/AppStore and ensure that the balance in your payment account is sufficient.

What should I do if the purchase is successful but I haven’t received the item?
Please don’t be panic!

‘’The problem of not receiving the item that you have purchased might be caused by the network delay. You are suggested to reopen the game to see if the purchased items are already in your mailbox or bag.’’
*If you still cannot get your items after 1 hour later, please send the following information to customer service and we will deal with it.

If you are an Android user, please provide:
  1. Screenshot of transaction details
  2. Purchased item name
  3. Google transaction order number (GPA.XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXX)
    (Please find this order number at ‘‘→Activities→View Content→Select the order to view the receipt.’’)

If you are an iOS user, please provide:
  1. Screenshot of transaction details
  2. Purchased item name
    (Please find transaction details via ‘‘AppStore→Account→Purchase History→Ace of Heroes’’)

How to upgrade my guest account?
When you first enter the game, there are 5 ways to log in: (a) Phone (b) E-mail (c) Google Account (d) Facebook Account (e) Guest

Generally, the guest account is for trial, the game data may be cleaned once the game version updates.

Upgrading your guest accoount is the best way to save your game data. Thus, we’d like to invite you to click the floating ‘‘Star’’ button on the game page, and connect your guest account with E-mail or Phone number.

Please click the Star button on the left

Where to find more strategy tips?
AOH team will post strategy tips on Notes regularly. In addition, discussion with other players in-game or below the AOH FB page are encouraged!

Where can I claim my reward?
Generally, game reward or remedy will be sent into your in-game mail for you to claim.

When will the reward mail expire?
Reward will not automatically disappear or expire. However, the mail will disapear once you claim the reward.

How can I get help if other player offend me?
AOH aims to create a well game place. Hence, we strictly prohibit the situations such as harassment, abuse and scam. Once you feel uncomfortable by other player’s behavior, please provide the offensive player’s information and the screenshot as reference to our service. We will deal with this issue seriously.

What if some players are cheating in the game?
Player’s rank and game resource may raise in short time due to the player’s effort. However, if you find any player who is likely to cheat on game, please provide detail description along with the relevant picture information to in game service, we will check for it.

Customer Service
If you have any further question, please contact us via customer service.