Action JRPG Solarland of Phoenix VN now available on Android, Redeem codes now for exclusive rewards!

On October 26, Phoenix VN launched their new title, Solarland.

solarland banner.png

Solarland is an open-world action JRPG where players will traverse the vast fairy tale land of mystery and fantasy. Here, players can make their own story without any limitations. There are evil bosses lurking around and are waiting for the right time to attack, teaming up with friends will be a huge advantage in fighting against the boss enemies that will help save the magical land of Solarland. Battling and conquering the boss enemies will let you obtain exclusive and mysterious props.

Customization is available for the character that you like. You can decorate your character as much as you want, be it shiny, colorful, and glamorous, or keep it simple and natural.

Solarland has more to offer than just building friendships and defending your land. Here, you can also catch pets and mounts in the wild.

Key Features:
  • Create your own marvelous storyline - Open world without limits, create your own story!
  • Team up to take down huge bosses - Meet the wild boss! Knock down the BOSS with your friends to get mysterious props!
  • Embark on a fantasy journey with your companions - Catching pets and mounts in the wild and forge extraordinary friendships
  • Enjoy a fascinating story on Solarland - Colorful simulation system, enjoy your life in a different world
  • Fully customize your exclusive characters - Decorate yourself in game and become the shiny one you want. Adjust your role appearance via changing clothes, dyeing other colors, and trying different shapes. Show your beauty to the world and everyone can be the Macy Daddy.

The developers have also given out redeem codes that players can use to get exclusive in-game rewards to help players make a quick progression in the game.

Here are the redeem codes and what you will get:
  • 7777 - Rewards: Dark Fairy Tale Fashion, Silver Coins, Gold Ingots, & Wonder Coins
  • RHGO - Rewards: Ever-Changing Gift
  • RH666 - Rewards: Soulmaster Dew, Flower Letters, Gold Ingots, & Silver Coins
  • RH8888 - Rewards: Soulmaster Dew, Flower Letters, Gold Ingots, & Silver Coins
  • SL666 - Rewards: Soulmaster Dew, Flower Letters, Gold Ingots, & Silver Coins
  • SL888 - Rewards: Soulmaster Dew, Flower Letters, Gold Ingots, & Silver Coins
Here’s how to redeem the Solarland gift codes, just follow the steps to get the exclusive rewards:
  1. Open the game.
  2. Click on the bonus options at the top right of the screen.
  3. Click on the exchange gift button.
  4. Enter the gift code and click on the redeem button to get the reward.
Remember, these codes are time-limited so make sure to redeem it as soon as possible. Solarland is available in Android. Visit Google Play Store and download the game. Enjoy!